My Adventure to The Florida Museum of Natural History By: Connor Middleton

A moth sitting on a rock in the Butterfly exhibit

My experience at the Florida Museum of Natural History turned into a pleasant day where I found myself visiting alone. It was my first time visiting at the museum and after going over the safety instructions with the staff, I was able to walk through the exhibit for forty-five minutes. I talked to some of the more regular visitors of the butterfly exhibit and they were to show me some of the more rare butterflies. Throughout my time in the museum, I was really able to focus on three topics: nature on display, nature of ethics, and nature and the Human Spirit.

Nature on Display

The blend of the different type of plants and different colors made me feel like I was no longer in Gainesville.

While I was walking through the exhibit, one of the topics I focused on what nature being on display. I the picture above, I tried to encompass part of the museum that I considered to be beautiful. The combination on the sun out and the perfect weather outside made my visit to museum to perfect.

This is me with in the beginning of the path

Nature and Ethics

While I was looking for butterflies, I was able to watch as other people searched for butterflies as well, and my experience was greatly affected by the people that surrounded me. I was with a couple other students that I did not know, but I was impacted by the fact that they also were not just doing bare minimum but instead were trying to learn from nature. There were also a few older women that were definitely finding pleasure in pointing out different areas of the path that were "pleasing to the eye" or showing the students were the rarest moth was located on the branch.

This was the moth that the nice lady I befriend pointed out to me.

Nature and the Human Spirit

For me, the museum gave me a forty-five minute time to step out of the 'normal' parts of campus. I was no longer chilling in the Reitz with my friends, but surrounded by peaceful animals in an environment that looks like it could have been plucked from the Amazon Rain Forest. I feel like I was able to experience the mystery and the majesty by seeing all of the different types of butterflies flying around. The whole cycle of a butterfly is such an amazing transformation but in a normal college student''s daily life, we are not able to slow down and admire how majestic of animals they really are.

Even though there is no butterfly in this picture, I think the calmness of the water and all the different plants surrounding the water provides a sense of peace throughout the entire walk, something I do not experience on a day to day basis.


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