The Divine A play for Sarah Bernhardt

The Spatial Experience

This photo was taken soon after we entered the lobby of the theater. The art along the glass windows captured your attention. I was drawn to the beauty of the theater and felt engaged in a cultural experience. Soon we checked our bags and walked into the theater full of other students awaiting the performance. As the lights dimmed I was excited to see the show, as I had heard from many it was a marvelous one. I feel the theater offers a medium for some to express themselves and seek their own good life. It was a rewarding experience seeing where others go to pursue their passion and their good life

The Social Experience

I attended the performance of The Divine with my friend Lauren. However, once inside we saw numerous other people we knew. I also met new people who were sitting in nearby seats. It was comforting to go with a friend to the play as I had never been to the Constans theater before. Being around familiar faces made attending the play feel almost like attending a sports game as the people around you caused you excitement. Attending the play with friends was also nice because you were able to talk about it and discuss your opinions before, after, and at intermission.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

Cooper, David. 2015. Toronto Star.

The play provided insight to life in the early 1900s and poverty during that time. I feel that the play reminded one of the struggles maybe our grandparents and great grandparents endured. I was unaware this was the issue being addressed in the performance but was pleased as it was interesting and insightful. I did not realize that Church's opinions on theater during that time, but The Divine opened my eyes to it. I saw a message to let yourself follow your dreams in the play take its place in this play which is something I feel very important. I also feel that art in extremely important in one's life as it lets you express yourself and a passion and The Divine supported this belief as well.

The Emotional Experience

Drawing of the J. Wayne Reitz Union, H. P. Constans Theater, and pond on the University of Florida Campus.

I immensely enjoyed The Divine because being in a theater reminded me of my life spent before college in the theater dancing. I performed many times in a theater, whether it be ballet, jazz, or contemporary, and being back in a theater brought back a lot of emotions and memories. I feel that when attending a play one lets go of everything else going on in their life. While in the theater you are able to let go of all your worries and outside life and focuses on what is going on in front of you. Many of the social issues addressed in the play are of importance to me; poverty may make many people feel uncomfortable, but I feel that it is something society must face. The Divine most definitely appealed to mine, and anyone who attended, emotions.

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