Autism Awareness HE Tutorial: MotorspoRt

Session Outcomes:

  • Outline some characteristics of a person within the Autism Spectrum.
  • Predict a range of strengths and challenges of Autism within the Motorsports industry.
  • Extended: Generate some strategies in support of a peer/colleague within the Autism Spectrum.

What might be the characteristics of someone on the Autism spectrum?

Work in your assigned pairs quietly, can you come up with 5 ideas to share with the room when asked?

Let's compare notes

  • Can find it challenging to make friends
  • May rarely judge others
  • Might dislike physical contact
  • Can be very passionate
  • Difficulties in communication
  • Might pay high levels of attention to the details
  • Difficulties using language
  • Difficulties understanding the feelings of others
  • Might struggle to describe feelings and emotions
  • Could be very pragmatic
  • Might not maintain eye contact
  • Could interpret something literally, e.g. Won't get a joke or do something you didn't mean them to do.
  • Over excitement might lead to challenging behaviour e.g. Class clown or go too far in a discussion.

What might be the strengths and challenges of this person within the Motorsport industry?

Working as a 3/4, can you work together on your assigned characteristics...come up with two strengths and two challenges to share with the room later.

How might you support a person on the Autism spectrum in the College and in the Motorsport industry?

  • Be positive and patient
  • Speak directly, avoid metaphors, sarcasm or double meanings
  • Keep any instruction simple and repeat if necessary
  • Allow time for information to be processed, don't expect an immediate answer
  • Encourage him/her to sit near you
  • Stay calm if he/she pushes boundaries, it is often unintentional
  • Allow that person to take time out/go for a walk if they become agitated
  • Advise that person in advance of any details e.g. times, room, layout, new persons etc

Twitter: Austin Riley @racingautism

Facebook Group/page: True Blue for Autism

Website: Mazdaspeed, John Cherry Funding Autism Awareness


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