Shakespeare Christian Quihuis Period-4

Thesis: Shakespeare made an impact on the world through his writing, influence on modern English, and his contributions to theater.

Shakespeare's Theater

Quote: "Since the stage was open to they sky, there was no need for lighting" (Anderson 779).

Comentary: This shows that the plays Shakespeare preformed had to be in the afternoon so people can actually see the play.

Quote: "But costumes were often elaborate, and the stage might have been hung with colorful banners and trappings" ( Anderson 779).

Commentary: This quote shows, Shakespeare had room and perfect settings to fulfill his envisions.

The Plays

Quote: "James Burbage's theater was dismantled shortly after Christmas 1598 and rebuilt as the Globe Theatre. It was situated in an area of south London beside the Thames, Bankside, noted for its brothels and animal-baiting rings. Open-aired, almost circular, it witnessed performances of at the very least 17 of the greatest of Shakespeare's plays" (Anderson 778).

Commentary: This quote shows how Shakespeare's plays were greatly wanted in many towns.

Quote: "Unlike other theaters, which were operated by entrepreneurs, the Globe was run and owned by the leading members of the Chamberlain's Men. Shakespeare himself put up 10 percent of the costs for the transformation of the theater into the Globe" (Lander 26).

Commentary: This quote shows, that instead of being owned by the rulers of the town or one person, Shakespeare and other people in the plays owned the theater, allowing Shakespeare to make the play more of how he envisioned it.

Quote: "During his last eight years, Shakespeare was the sole author of only three plays— Cymbeline, The Tempest, and The Winter’s Tale."

Commentary: This quote shows that Shakespeare had worked hard to make all of his plays especially the three in his last 8 years because that was a lot of writing he had to accomplish in that period of time.

The Writer

Quote: "Shakespeare wrote at least 38 plays, two major narrative poems, a sequence of sonnets, and several short poems."

Commentary: This quote shows how shakespeare has written many things throughout his life. I think William Shakespeare has succeeded in his dreams by writing this many plays.

Quote: " His verbal skill also reveals itself in a tendency for word play and puns."

Commentary: This quote tells us that that Shakespeare used different types of wordplay to draw in his audiences.

Quote: "Special libraries and library collections focus upon Shakespeare. Numerous motion pictures have been made of his plays."

Commentary: This quote shows that Shakespeare's writing has influenced so many people that they get together just to discuss him and they have special libraries that focus only on him.


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