Overfishing The oceans enemy

How long can the ocean sustain our needs of fish?

Overfishing has been a constant problem worldwide for many years. The ocean can only produce a certain number of fish each year and that number is well below what fisheries are taking out each year for food. As --------- states, ‘’The global fishing fleet is 2-3 times larger than what the oceans can sustainably support.’’ having a worldwide fleet of ships that is so big that they deplete the number of overall fish in the ocean is a problem that needs to be fixed or the ocean and all the animals living off it including us will be in huge trouble.

What are the consequences of overfishing?

Throughout the world many different countries including the United states and especially china depend on fish from the ocean as a food source. However, there is a problem according to Eric Vance ‘’ the Chinese eat 50 percent more fish than Americans. The country's 1.4 billion citizens eat more fish than those of the next 10 biggest countries combined.’’ this is a problem because the Chinese cannot keep emptying the oceans of fish to feed themselves, they need to find other sources of food. Other consequences include the animals that depend on fish in the ocean dying off and then the animals that depend of those animals dying of and creating a chain reaction through the ecosystem.

What types of fish pose the most risk of becoming endangered or extinct?

Throughout the ocean there is a vast amount of different species of fish but without some species others won't survive. Overfishing can cause this to happen by removing all of the bait fish from the water creating bigger predators like marlin, tuna, and mahimahi to die.

How many global fishing fleets are there?

Each section of the ocean has different fishing fleets, one of the largest fleets in the ocean according to Terry Glavin is , ‘’The 750-ship mid-Pacific squid fleet, the largest driftnet fleet in the Pacific, emerged about 10 years ago, fishing for neon squid - also known as flying squid.’’ this fishing fleet has been diminishing the number of neon squid in the oceans and the bycatch of these nets is enormous creating unstable fish populations in the oceans.

What can be done to end overfishing?

One of the ways overfishing can be stopped is by people eating less fish which will create less of a demand to catch high amounts of fish from the ocean and the fisheries will decrease in size. The absence of fish can be substituted by other foods such as, chicken, pork, and beef. The oceans are the centerpoint of the worldwide ecosystem if overfishing continues they will be unbalanced and the ecosystem will start to collapse.


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