Reflective Journal 5 Thomas Cheshire

For this first week I've decided to practice my coding, different parts of coding for the first 4 days of the week

On Monday i practiced with the transitions by quickly making a door on Photoshop and copying different versions of them to make transitions easier so the code is easy but i like to practice so that i don't forget how to do it. It went well since its easy and its a simple code that i have to put in so it went good.

On Tuesday i practiced my coding for the movement and the movement speeds. This is a bit more difficult than making transitions since this requires much more code but its still simple in its own way thanks to the global attributes which Stencyl has which makes the movement speed easier to control. I think this went well because what i did was time myself making the code 3 times and i managed to do it faster every time so i improved my speed with practice.

On Wednesday i practiced my enemy AI this is slightly difficult for me so i did a simple code to where the character walks one direction and when it hits the wall it changes its direction to the opposite direction. It's a simple code so it went really well.

On Thursday i practiced a hard game mechanic which is teleportation. This is very difficult for me since I'm not very good at coding, I'm not the worst but I'm also not that good. This didn't go that well since the first 4 to 5 times i tested it i made a mistake in the coding until i finally got it right and the character which i quickly made teleported from one place to another so it all worked out in the end.

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