Pope Francis Priest, prophet, and king

The Pope Displayed as a Priest:

The Pope Displayed as a Prophet:

- He follows the ways of the lord

- He comforts the afflicted and afflicts those who are too comfortable, not in a harsh way, but with a soft and respectful voice

- He understands what it means to be a prophet and spreads his wisdom and the words of god

- When he spreads the messages of God, he speaks God's truth and inspires others

- When he spreads the messages of God, he speaks God's truth and inspires others

- He meets qualifications such as expressing himself, open to admitting to own faults, commited to and involved in projects, events and ideas that change the world and loyal and honest as he speaks publicly

- Just as the prophets do, Pope Francis has peace with God

- He embraces everyone no matter who they are

- One of his main priorities within the Church are to assist the less fortunate

- He is considered a prophet because ultimately, he wants to spread what God wants to spread. He brings the faith and embracing the faith into everything he does.

The Pope Displayed As a King

- Pope Francis shows more king like qualities rather than presenting himself as an actual king

- qualities include: loyalty, courage, devotion, leadership, strategy, mercy and love

Showing how Jesus is Displayed as a Priest, Prophet, and King

- offers blessings

- gives prayers

- sets example for Catholics

- delivers sacrifice on behalf of God

- mediator between God and the people

- Pronounced end to sin

- Spread messages of the Lord

- Announced why it is important to repent

- Finalized our pardon and forgiveness through God

- is a ruler, but is not demanding or controlling in the way he rules

- allows sin to not come over us

- sometimes referred to as "the ruler of kings on earth"

- has fought battles for us

- wants what is right for his people

- listens and takes everyone's opinion into consideration

Bible Passages:


1. Peter, 2:9

2. Malachi, 2:7


3. Deuteronomy, 18:18-22

4. Isaiah, 46:10


5. Proverbs, 20:28


Julian Alvarez, Brenda Germeus, Amber Hernandez, Bebaie Joseph, Amani Khan, Eric Lewis and Mariella Soto

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