Anna Garcia's Mystery Death #461 Brian mendez

Who is Anna Garcia? Provide a brief case description of the Anna Garcia Case

Anna Garcia is a 38 year old woman whom is suspect at a crime scene. She is a Hispanic female, she weighs 165 and measures 64 inches. Anna Garcia was a regular person in a quiet suburban neighborhood. One summer morning, the police operator had an incoming call at 9:45 AM. The neighbor of Anna Garcia called worriedly about her that she wasn't picking up her phone. The main reason he called was because Anna had a dog in which she would walk every morning, the dog was barking for a couple of hours. This alarmed her neighbor because it is rare to hear the dog bark in a quiet neighborhood. Doug Greene, the neighbor also tried ringing the doorbell but still there was no answer. Emergency medical technicians (EMT) arrived along with the police at around 9:56 AM. Rapidly they took down the door since it was locked and then found Anna Garcia facing down in the entry hallway. The EMT notified the police that Anna Garcia was dead. Her ex-husband, Alex Garcia, was a suspect because he talked to Anna the night before. They analyzed that she had been dead for 4 hours. They checked that out around 11 AM and so that means she died at 7 AM.

On August 24, 2016 Anna was found dead. According to the Autopsy Report there was no evidence of alcohol in her body. There was hair found at the scene but it turned out to match to Anna so this resulted into it didn't match to Anna's friends, Erica and Lucy. The Autopsy report stated that the blood that was at the scene was Anna's. Anna's body had one bruise on the head and on the elbow, no scratches, and no wounds. There was no skull fracture. Her ankles were swollen. In her body she was taking aspirin, and at the scene there was vomit found. The EMT reported that there was a footprint and pills found. Alex Garcia's prints were found but he there the night before. Anna hit her head on a table. Blood Spatter Analyst investigated and found that the blood had dropped from a 90 degree angle and confirmed that she had hit her head on the table. Also they confirmed that it was Anna's footprint.

Concluding, in my expertise opinion on Anna's case of death happened because it was a accident. She had dizziness or headaches according to the autopsy. Anna's death was an accident because she could've instantly fainted for some awkward reason and it happened to be that she was next to the table and and on her way down she hit her head. In most cases the skull doesn't necessarily have to be broken to die. Alex nor Anna's friends can't be responsible for her death because there wasn't even proof to assault them. Based on Anna's DNA analysis it is proven that every drop of blood that was at the scene was Anna's. Anna took aspirin so that makes it even more of an accident that caused her death

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