Samsung Galaxy S7 VS Iphone 7 Which is really better?

Phones are one of our best communication products. Most of them are known for their quality, or their features. They can be really pricey and it takes a lot to keep them looking nice. Only some families have these accessories because of that. Today there are now a lot of phones to choose from, and there are a lot of different companies to choose from. Most phones are expensive than they use to be, but that's mostly just the nice ones.

Different Types of Phones

There are many different types of phones. People usually choose depending how good it works for them, or size (etc...). There are phones such as Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Nokia, Sony, LG, and more. For certain things people will by certain phones. All in all, choosing a phone depends on the person.

Samsung VS Apple

Apple's products is very good for their environment. They have new solar projects to reduce our carbon footprint. They are recently trying to find a way to recycle their devices using robots. 93% of their energy is renewable sources. In Singapore, they are powering facilities with a 32-megawatt solar project spread over more than 800 rooftops. In China, their adding 170-megawatts of solar to begin offsetting the energy used to make Apple's products. Apple's productions include Iphones, Mac-books, TVs, watches, and Ipods.

Samsung's environment is to make you a smarter and a better future. That's why their eco product innovations promote better lifestyle. By lowering energy consumption, conserving resources, and minimizing impact on climate change, they want to work together to help the environment. Every day, they consume energy that can have a significant impact on our carbon footprint. When working they are trying to innovate their products to make them more energy-efficient, without sacrificing quality or performance. That also helps with saving energy.

Iphone 7 VS Samsung Galaxy S7

The Iphone 7 price range is from $650-$900. The gigabytes for the phone is from 32GB-256GB. It has a Retina HD display and 3D touch. It's included with fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating and 1334-by-750-pixel resolution at 326 ppi. The Iphone 7 has the LED-backlit wide screen. The camera has digital zoom up to 5x and auto focus with Focus Pixels. The camera also has panorama (up to 63 megapixels). Recording videos on the phone includes 1080p HD video recording at 30 fps or 60 fps. The home button has the touch ID for fingerprint sensor. It has Siri, and you use your voice to send messages, set reminders, and more. The battery can last up to 2 hours longer battery life than iPhone 6s. the talk time can be up to 14 hours on 3G and the internet use can be up to 14 hours on Wi‑Fi, up to 12 hours on LTE, up to 12 hours on 3G. It has a Nano-SIM, but it is not compatible with micro-SIM cards. Lastly, it is splash, water, and dust resistant.

The Galaxy S7's price range is $600-$700. The gigabytes for this phone is 32GB-256GB. The brighter F1.7 lens and larger 1.4um pixels on the image sensor capture so much more light that your photos come out sharp and detailed. Every single pixel on the Dual Pixel Sensor is used for phase detection, enabling autofocus that's so incredibly fast and seamless that even the most sudden movements are caught in the act, even when the light starts to fade. The camera also has motion pictures where there can be movement in the photo. The camera is also big it is 0.46 mm. This also has the new custom CPU, powerful GPU and 4GB RAM make for a potent combination. With this phone you are able to extend storage with the micro SD support. The S7 has 15 hour battery life. With charging that only takes 90 minutes. The S7 has a 5.1 inch Display (1440 X 2560 Resolution). The dimensions are 142.4 X 69.6 X 7.9 mm. With Corning Gorilla Glass 5, IP68 Water & Dust Resistance. Lastly it has sensors such as, Fingerprint, Retina Scanner, Auto HDR, Gyro, OIS, Accelerometer, Barometer, Proximity, Heart Rate etc.

All in all, these phones are very amazing technology. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy is better scientifically, but the the Iphone could be easier use. This was a great comparison of these phones and Samsung won, but from my use of both these companies is that Samsung is better.


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