The greek goddess Selene By: Victoria vergara

FACTS:- Selene is a titian so she became an Olympian god

-seduced by the god Pan who gave her a gift of snow white horses

-Zeus was one of her lovers and had a number of children together

- Also had a mortal lover named Endymoin and had fifty Daughters together

-Known to have several lovers

-Also known as Luna

-Selene spoke with Zeus to grant Endymoin eternal youth and immortality

Selenes Myth: Selene was the daughter of Titan Hyperion and Theia. Sister of the sun-god Helios, and Eos goddess of Dawn. The Titan Goddess of the moon. Drove a silver moon chariot that was carried by 2 snow white horses. That would fly her across the night sky.

Character traits: -Bright- Was an intelligent goddess

-Independent- It said that Selene was a women that did her own things

-Young – she had a lot of energy and was beautiful and healthy

Theme: The theme of my mythology is love is worthiest of pursuit. I showed that even though Selene had different lovers yes she did love them but there was only one that she loved very much. That she would do anything to be with him.


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