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Let's celebrate your kickass body! Let's throw a party in your body's honor and give it the love and attention it deserves. Let's fall in love with every wrinkle, roll, freckle and dimple. You're a sexy and powerful person. It doesn't matter what your size or age is - you're gorgeous and need to celebrate your body. You're a babe.

Let’s celebrate this monumental step on your body positive journey! Mark the occasion with an empowering boudoir portrait session, and see how strong and amazing your body is.


I'm Alicia, the gal behind Buxom Boudoir, your hype girl and body positive advocate. As someone who has struggled with her body image for a long time, I fell in love with boudoir as a way to heal people and celebrate their bodies. Self-love should be fun, not intimidating or overwhelming. It can be a struggle sometimes, too, but I’m here to help with that.

When I’m not shooting in the studio, I could be just about anywhere. I love travelling, going to concerts, trying new restaurants, and going to festivals. If you go to any of Ozaukee County’s festivals or fairs, you’ll probably find me there with a beer in one hand and kitten sunglasses on my face.


  • FOOD: Orange Chicken
  • DRINK: Amaretto Sour
  • SEASON: Summer
  • COLOR: Purple
  • LINGERIE: Body Suits
  • HOBBY: Playing with makeup


Most babes bring their own wardrobe when they visit Buxom Boudoir. However, I also have items available to borrow in a variety of styles and sizes. There’s no guarentee you’ll find something you love in the Buxom wardrobe, though, so I recommend bringing a few of your own lingerie pieces. If you want to borrow an item, please bring a black or nude thong with.

Items that Work Well:

  • Body suits
  • Teddies
  • Matching bra and panty sets
  • Fish nets
  • Oversized sweaters
  • Garter belts
  • Calvin Klein bras and underwear
  • For Men: Boxer Briefs are amazing!

Items I Won't Shoot

  • Jerseys: They are baggy and hide our beautiful bodies. If you want to incorporate a sports team, wear a women's tee or even a child's tee. Tight is best. And if it's something we can get wet, rip or cut, that's even better!
  • Props: I want to see you! Not a motorcycle helmet or skis or a football. Props are something we hide behind, and I want this shoot to be all about you.
  • Baby Dolls: They just don't photograph well. They are fun in the bedroom, but not great in the studio.

If you have new or gently used bras you no longer want, please bring them to your session and Buxom Boudoir will donate them on your behalf to women's shelters.

Hair and Makeup

I know how important hair and makeup is for a photo shoot. I’ve been a makeup artist for eight years, and professional hair and makeup can take a photo from great to AMAZING. That’s why I’m very selective with whom I invite to glam up my clients. I want only the best, the sweetest and the most talented. Sometimes I’ll even step in for hair and makeup makeup because I love it so much.

However, if you want something more raw, and you don't want hair and makeup done, that's also totally cool. I would never force a client to do something they really don't want to do. Just let me know at the time of booking that you want to pass on hair and makeup. It's a complimentary experience, so it won't change the session rate whether you partake or not.

How to prep for hair and makeup:

Arrive with a clean, moisturized face. Your hair should be clean and dry, as well. If you have any ideas for hair or makeup, feel free to bring photos. Most babes choose curls for a “I woke up like this” look and a smoky or dramatic eye.

“If anyone is looking to get out and shoot boudoir, Alicia makes you feel amazing! Book with her!”


Do you photograph women my size?

Of course! I photograph women and couples of all sizes, shapes and ages. Your weight does not define you, and your body deserves love and respect no matter your place in life.

Will my photos go on your website?

Nope. Your photos are for your eyes only and whoever you choose to share them with. I always ask permission if I want to share images. I love blogging about my clients and showing off their gorgeous faces, but we will talk more about that during your reveal session!

Where do I get lingerie from?

There are lots of great online sources to purchase lingerie like AdoreMe, Yandy, Torrid, Lane Bryant, and online Etsy stores. Forever 21, H&M and Target actually have really great pieces, too! You can even find pieces on Amazon.

Can I bring a friend or my significant other?

You can bring anyone you wish if it will help you relax and feel comfortable. A best friend or spouse on-site might just be the confidence boost you need to really rock your shoot. These people need to be judgement-free and act like a cheerleader! I prefer reveal sessions to be private, but if someone will be coming with, I ask that they stay supportive and let YOU choose your favs.

Will you photoshop out my....

I retouch every single final photo that you order during your reveal session, focusing on color toning, adjusting light and SLIGHT skin smoothing. There's plenty I don't touch. Your shape is your shape and I love it. Your size is your size and it’s beautiful. Your birthmarks make you unique. I don’t want you to look like a whole new person. I want you to look like the amazing, sexy person that you are.

I want to, but I need to lose weight first.

You don’t need to lose any weight before your shoot. We’re celebrating the body you have right now - every freckle, wrinkle, pound and stretch mark. Think of all the things you’ve accomplished with your body. Think of everything this body has done for you. Dedicate time recognizing how amazing it is.

How do I pay for my photos?

You can decide what you want to order during your reveal session. All products are a la carte, so you can choose exactly what you want. I accept cash, checks, and credit cards. If you want to set up a 6 month payment plan through PayPal Credit, we can do that too. You just need to apply beforehand.

"So working with Alicia starts off comfortable and fun and a blast. She made me feel happy and excited to see what we could all do together. As a bigger woman it’s always been ingrained to be ashamed to have more or to not me a size 2 or that because I am bigger I should hide myself and for years I did. But leaving the shoot I felt a new pep in my step and when I got my images back…. it was breathtaking to see myself as me…. and feel beautiful. I would choose Buxom a million times over."

How do you dream of being photographed?

This is your moment. You’re not a parent right now. You’re not a spouse, a sibling, a co-worker. You’re a worthy confident human being who has no responsibilities. Enjoy your moment.

Things to Consider:

If you want a feminine, ethereal look, wear something flowy or lacey in white, blush , nude or cream.

If you want something smoldering (my personal favorite), black, navy, charcoal and dark plum work really well.

Think epic. This is your chance to go big and wear something you never have before. Rock a fur coat. Throw on glitter pasties. Wear the hell outta that rhinestone bra. Go big!

You can wear something meaningful. If your significant other has a favorite tee shirt, bring it. If you have a piece of jewlery that means a lot to you, wear it. I love detail shots, and I can capture anything meaningful that you bring with.

Wear fitted clothing. I know many of us hide our bodies under oversized shirts and dresses (myself included) but this is your opportunity to embrace your shape. Make sure everything you have fits really well.

Texture and patterns are important. Lace, beading, embrodiery and chiffon all add texture and dimension to your photos. Clashing textures and patterns are a no-go. Crazy and loud patterns are distracting. I want you to be the focus, not a purple leapord print bra and bright orange underwear. Avoid logos and graphics.

Favorite Lingerie Stores

  • Adore Me | bit.ly/buxomboudoiradoreme
  • Blush | www.blushlingerie.com
  • Forever 21 | www.forever21.com
  • Clare Bare | www.clarebare.com
  • Unlucky Lingerie | www.unluckylingerie.com
  • Sugar Kitten | www.sugarkittenboutique.com
  • Torrid | www.torrid.com
  • Dolls Kill | www.dollskill.com
  • Fashion Nova | www.fashionnova.com
  • Burgundy Fox | www.burgundyfox.com - save 15% with code BUXOMBABE

Late Policies and Rescheduling

If something comes up before your session, I'll need to know. Cancellation or rescheduling should occur two weeks prior to your session date so that another excited babe can book your spot. Shoots cancelled or rescheduled after two weeks are subject to a $100 cancellation fee. You are allowed to reschedule once with no fee prior to two weeks notice. Upon a second rescheduling, you will be charged a scheduling fee of $100. Session fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you decide not to order anything during your reveal, the gallery is considered abandoned and your photos will be deleted. Payment is due during your reveal unless you choose to use PayPal Credit.

Before your shoot

  1. Read your dream shoot planner and your contract to get familiar with studio policies.
  2. Email me with any questions (hello@buxomboudoir.com).
  3. Choose your outfits and accessories and make sure they are clean.
  4. AVOID TANNING! Spray tanning included.

Pro Tip: Cut all tags off of lingerie you’re going to wear (size tags too!)

Day of your shoot

  1. Eat a light but filling breakfast.
  2. Do some stretching - it helps!
  3. Don’t plan on doing chores or running errands - this day is about YOU.
  4. Wear clear deodorant and loose clothing. We don’t want any clothing lines left on your skin. Avoid socks.
  5. Arrive on time. Be aware of Buxom’s late policies.
  6. Have fun! Book a date night or girl’s day out after your shoot.

Your Experience Timeline

  • 9AM - Hair and Makeup Begins.
  • 10-10:30AM AM - Your shoot starts!
  • 11-11:30 AM - Your shoot is over. Go grab lunch or check out Port's super cute downtown.
  • An hour and a half later, come back for your same day reveal. and choose your favorite photos!
  • Tardiness will come out of your shoot time.

All bodies are welcome at the Buxom Boudoir studio. My studio is unfortunately accessible by stairs only, but if you struggle with stairs, please let me know, and I will book a gorgeous and accessible hotel room at no extra cost to you.


The Luxe - $250

  • Up to 3 wardrobe changes
  • My expertise in posing to help you look your best
  • Professional hair and makeup from my favorite artists
  • I hour of shoot time
  • Access to the Buxom Boudoir wardrobe
  • Professional retouching on every final image
  • Private, same day reveal and order session

Buxom Boudoir donates 10% of regular session fees to Lacey's Hope, a survivor-founded initiative devoted to shedding a light on the sex trafficking that happens every day, everywhere.

Couples - $400

  • Professional Hair and Makeup for One Person
  • My expertise in posing to help you look your best
  • Up to 3 wardrobe changes
  • 1 hour of shooting
  • Professional retouching on every final image
  • Private, same day reveal and order session

10% of the session fee goes towards Lacey's Hope Project, a local organization that fights to end sex trafficking in our Wisconsin communities.

Boudoir photography is an investment in your self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem. You might not be able to afford everything "right now," but here's my advice: Pay for your session and get on the calendar. Book your session three to six months out, giving you plenty of time to budget for products AND giving you the motivation to save. We can even set up an open invoice that serves as a piggy bank so you can put money towards your order before your session even starts. A little savings here and there over a few months will get you ready to order anything! I also offer multiple payment plans from PayPal Credit to Square Invoicing. Ask me about these options if you're interested!

What are you waiting for? Let's start your celebration!

Email me at hello@buxomboudoir.com to set up your session.

1211 W Portview Drive, Port Washington WI
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Alicia Schmitt