English Task card E4 By Lucy Roberts


To construct a 600 word essay about a chosen topic, using planning and brainstorming.


Surf Coast Secondary College students should be allowed to go down to woolworths during lunch.

Web brainstorm-


Identifying the target audience, purpose and tone in my essay.

  • Target audience - I am directing my essay to Mr Diamond and other members of staff st SCSC, parents and the council.
  • Purpose - to persuade my target audience that Surfcoast Secondary College students are responsible enough to go to Woolworths at lunch.
  • Tone - passionate, pleading and reasonable.

Persuasive techniques that I used in my writing

What persuasive techniques were the strongest?

  • Tricolon - it brings more attention to the sentence being stated.
  • Inclusive language- persuades the reader more by adding the sense that more people agree.

What could I have improved?

  • Using more persuasive techniques and using them more effectively.

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