The Exploration Of John Cabot

The Exploring routes of John Cabot

1. John Cabot was born Giovanni Caboto in Italy around 1450. In 1495 Cabot moved to Bristol, England, with his family. Cabot was the son of a spice merchant named Giulio Caboto, at the age of 11 his family moved to Venice, where he learned sailing and navigation from Italian seamen and merchants. But in 1474 John married a girl named Mattea, and eventually had three sons : Ludovico, Sancto and Sebastiano. Sebastiano would later follow his father's footsteps, becoming an explorer in his own right.

John Cabot with the two of his three sons.

2. His first voyage was in 1497 of early May on the ship Matthew, his crew sailed west and north under Cabot's belief that the route to Asia would be shorter from northern europe than Columbus's voyage along the trade winds. On June 24, 1497, Cabot landed on the east coast of North America, claiming the land of Canada for King Henry VII of England but thinking it was Asia.

The ship Matthews, that john cabot had his first voyage on.

3. Cabot was believed too have explored the eastern Canadian coast, and that a priest accompanying the expedition might have established a christian settlement in Newfoundland. Cabot was also believed too explore Labrador, Maine, or even landed at Cape Breton Island.

4. Cabots Exploring was able to let the England empire of King Henry VII to have an increase of power in the 16th and 17th centuries, all due too John Cabot claiming North America for England.

KING HENRY VII of England.

5. Cabot's discoveries under the English crown dramatically helped England to get their first colonies in the New World. His adventurism and explorations blazed a trail for future explorers to refine maps and discover the true gravity of his and Columbus's discoveries. His discoveries led to the colonization of Canada, Labrador, and Cape Breton Island. Capot was also the very first explorer too help teach English to the natives of the New World.

Sebastiano cabot, son of john cabot. was one of the many explorers who followed cabot's foot steps.

6. Cabot's first year of exploring was in 1497 on the ship called Matthew and claimed land in Canada. On June 24, 1497, 50 days into the voyage, Cabot landed on the east coast of North America, though the precise location of this landing is subject to controversy. After setting sail in May 1498 for a return voyage to North America, Cabot's final days remain a mystery. It is believed he died sometime in 1499 or 1500. Though the Matthew's logs are incomplete, it is believed that John Cabot went ashore with a small party and claimed the land for the King of England, the ship sailed for England in July 1497 and arrived in Bristol on August, 1497. Cabot was soon rewarded with a pension of £20 and the gratitude of King Henry VII. In February 1498, he was given permission to make a new voyage to North America.

john cabot landing on the east coast of north america.

7. Cabot's first expedition was in 1497, even though it was it was said too be his second time trying to reach the North America since the Vikings. But Cabot returned to England on August 6, 1497, successful with tidings of a new and perhaps easier route to Asia than that discovered in the south by Columbus. Cabot's second voyage was held May 1498, he headed west again with a fleet of five vessels.

John cabot map of a easier route to asia - North america-

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