Mr popper's penguins is about his penguins where they travel everywhere and how they feel. Mr popper watches and talks to them Mr popper has trouble with the penguins living in his apartment
I ride on the weekend and I like it
I like frogs because they are colourful
this is my favourite animal because it looks good
leopards are interesting
this is my favourite movie because it interests me

This movie is really funny.

It was released in June 2011

I really like this song because it sounds good and I love rock music.

This rock band is from Scotland and they have been making music for a long time.

I support this team because I am in the area
I support this team because I am in the area of it
This is Indian butter chicken. this is my favourite Indian food
I would like to go and visit Perth
I would like to visit the capital of Sweden which is Stockholm I would like to visit Sweden because I want to go to the cathedral. I want to go to the cathedral to see what it is like inside.
Silverchair isĀ an Australian band from Newcastle. They started making music when they were in high school. The lead singer Daniel Johns. My favourite song by them is 'Tomorrow', from their first album Frogstomp which was released in 1995
This is me sitting on top of Mr Bean's car on a sofa.
Me and Alex are acting in the Disney movie Enchanted which was released in 2007.

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