Burning Man 2016 Trey Ratcliff

What a great year! Here ARE my favorite 75 photos :)

A big thanks to all the amazing participants this year. I'm so grateful for everyone and all the little and big things the community do to make it wonderful. For me, maybe it was the best Burning Man ever. I've been going for the past seven years and this was the most beautiful and creative for me, personally. I love taking photos. I'm obsessed — thank you to friends and family for believing in my obsession! :)

To see photos from the past 7 years, visit my Burning Man Portfolio and have some fun! :)

Other Kinda sorta Fun resources

My Daily Photo Blog, my Lightroom Presets, my Instagram, my Facebook, my Newsletter, my article on How your Camera can Survive Burning Man.

The beautiful, pagoda-inspired temple this year was the mecca it always is.
evening tea
My friend Rene tames the wild Lord Snort!
the amazing space whale by matt schultz
These gals were all very friendly. Find their next photo later to get their Instagrams. A little mission there for you.
Every year we have a bunch of photographers come out for a fun photo walk. On this one, we had a red panda. To join the next photowalk, watch my FB page or check the newsletter.
strange artifacts in the deep playa
they didn't seem too alarmed
Here is one of my favorite photographers out here. She's French and in disguise! :) There's also a nude man nearby. I'm pretty sure it's just a coincidence.
sun protection
a happy guy in Center camp
We love El Pulpo Mechanico. He came over here to Camp Walter to say hello and warm up the partying crowd.
a giant microbe consumes humans
Grabbing brekky outside of Robot Heart
What on earth? Well, on Insta they are: @KarlaKuhlm @molllyjanee @diana.balaisyte @anabellefisher @carlablokesch
the act of becoming conscious
and then Lord Snort only ran in one direction
a joyous rise
black rock lighthouse project
#TheProdigalSwan by @mariedacat @breefield (btw, I don't know the artists and names of all the pieces of art I capture. 1,000 apologies!)
Ursa Major
pink heart
The Billion Bunny March, where thousands of people dress up like bunnies to march and protest humanity. Others dress up like carrots to protest bunnies. Here's some rapid-fire-shots for ya.
swimming in the sand...
we live in hope
playa orcas
some people are naughty, and some are nice, but a lot are naughty.
The great new art car from Camp Walter re-envisioned Da Vinci's tank to fit the theme of the year.
a friendly helper in the Thunderdome
There's Matt Schultz on the right with the juggling pins, the creator with the Pier Group that built the Space Whale
big red from the great camp walter.
lamplighters need to work in every weather condition
from the Pink Party
A dad plays with his son
after a sandstorm at the temple
journaling at center camp
you know the place
she checks the dregs preflight
leaving center camp
These were my amazing and often confused roommates in my RV this year... love these guys... Rene and Jonatas!
this is a photo of a man pulling a drum in a sandstorm in a liger outfit whilst drinking a beer
she must work out
the end, thanks for watching!

Okay okay, here are all those links again if you wanna go deeper in the rabbit hole. That's not a euphemism. Well, I guess it is, but not in that way.

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