Adolf Hitler By andrea godoy

Plunged the world into worst world in history.

Hitler wanted to become a painter after getting out of school but failed to be accepted in the Viennese Academy Of Fine Arts.

Studied the political skill of Viennas mayor.

Hitler hated anyone who was Czechs,Poles,Jews and/or anyone who was not German.

After his mothers death ,Hitler at 16 left school and was rejected from the art academy lived on the streets and lived eating free kitchen soup.

Hitler also ended giving up his Austrian Citizenship to become a German citizen

The Nazi would make fun of liberal generalities of varies political parties and hating communists.

Hitler shouted accusations against Jews and cried out to the Germans to form a powerful state.

There was a journal called Volkischer Beobachter (Popular Observer) And was written to spread Nazi influence.

Hitler went to prison because he tried taking over the reins of Government.

While at prison,Hitler wrote The Mein Kempf (My Struggle)

Again ,after getting out of prison Hitler tried taking over the government but failed and got the Nazi party banned in 1924.

In January 1925 the ban on the Nazi Party was removed and Hitler regained.

Germany plunged back with depression in 1925-1927 and lead to unemployment and poverty

In 1930 Hitler had support of many German industrialists.In 1932 Hitler ran for president but did not gain enough votes and lost.

When War Two(also known as the Holocaust) had started Hitler Banned Jews from Public Schools,Sports,Universities,etc.

The Holocaust destroyed Jewish homes, Schools,and businesses on November ninth and tenth 1938.

Hitler also persecuted at least 100,000 men who were homosexual.Some were arrested ,and others were sent to concentration camps.

Hitler was the cause for World War Two to happen and lead to deaths of 11 million people and 6 million Jews.

Hitler ,before becoming leader had served in the German army.

The book Hitler wrote in prison The Mein Kempf had ideas for transforming German society into one based on race.

By 1933 Hitlers Nazi party was declared the only legal political party in Germany.

From April to September 1933-1935 Hitler made laws that banned Jewish services.

Hitler commited Suicide on April thirtieth,1945 just days before Germany´s surrender.

Hitler didn't join the Austrian army because when they caught up to him he was rejected for being medically unfit.

He spent most of the war behind the front lines in relative comfort with regimental command because he servered as a Regimental messenger runner.

When he did take part in combat, he displayed reckless bravery and got wounded two times

Hitler's dream Germany was pure, strong in body and mind, without Jews, blacks, homosexuals, gypsies, Poles, communists, disabled people, "asocials" women ,or jazz.

There are at least 553 published works of written fiction of Hitler, as well as over 10,000 nonfiction works of differing levels of detail.

In 1935 he abandoned the Versailles Treaty and began to build up the army by conscripting five times its permitted number.

Hitlers father always pushed him to do the best so when his father died Hitler left school because he started failing exams.

Hitler was convinced Jews were responsible for all the bad things that was happening to him.

Won six medals for bravery.

As World War One was ending hitler got blinded by an attack and while at the hospital Germany Surrendered.

In October 1929 Germany was left bankrupt again.

In September 1939 World War Two Started and German troops invaded Poland.

Was the founder and leader of the Nazi Party.

After being rejected from Viennese Academy of Fine Arts he started adapting he view shaping into a hatred of Jews.

Was the most influential voice in the organization, implementation ,and execution of the Holocaust

The swastika and its greeting Heil!. Was the name for Hitlers Party.

November 1921 Hitler was recognized as Fuhrer of a movement which had 3,000 members, and boosted his personal power by organizing strong arm squads.

Hitler focused his propaganda against the Versailles Treaty and internal enemy the "Jew," who was responsible for all Germany's domestic problems.

Was one of the most powerful and infamous dictators.

His attack on Poland in 1939 started World War Two and by 1941 Germany occupied a lot of Northern Africa and Europe.

He believed Germany should have fought Wars for vast tracts of land.

In 1938 Hitler drew back from war over Czechoslovackia at the last minute.

After World War One he rose to power in the NSGWP and took control in 1933.

Hitler had fought bitterly with his father at a young age.

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