Story Telling By BrANDON TORRES

As presented bellow, here are 4 different ways in which I presented 4 different stories. All of these were done for my MCOM 63 class.

A Letter

Do you feel safe on campus?

We asked 3 San Jose State students one simple question. Do you feel safe on campus? Here are their responses.

The Working Poor

Game Changer

Rosa Contreras is currently working with the non profit organization Veggielution to involve the community around east San Jose, making an impact not just locally, but nationally. Contreras, a native San Jose resident, has said that food is the most important thing that makes a connection with anybody. Not matter the race, religion or beliefs. It comes together to unite. Trough Veggielution she has been able to contact different families and individuals to volunteer at the farm, where they learned the principles about growing and managing their food.Rosa is currently running a pilot program where she wants to teach a group of entrepreneurs about the food industry and the different aspects it has in order to grow. She is setting up an example on how to grow a business whether is a food truck, or catering, or food entrepreneurship. The program is model to teach skills that will help them develop this business. The model program is a great opportunity to involve the community. This is also a great example that could be use in any city around the nation. We see these little farms growing in the middle of downtown that are making a difference in the community. Rosa is the example of a game changer. Doing programs that are changing the way we see and interact with our food

The opportunity to present all of these subjects that have something to tell. Story telling is what drives our culture today, it provides information that could help but also entertain in this busy world.

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