Wellness Days @Columbia COMING TOGETHER TO raisE awareness, support each other, RELAX and unwind

A joint effort of students, faculty and staff, and part of an ongoing focus on mental health, wellness and community citizenship at Columbia.

Wellness Days @COlumbia WORKSHOPS, TRAININGS, YOGA & more begin APR 10 ---> "Study break" FROM NOON TO 5P APR 13 -> OUT OF THE DARKNESS WALK SAT, APRIL 15 ------------------> random acts of kindness all week!
"This is the space in which I always feel safe to share my daily struggles with mental health. It is liberating to be able to say how I truly feel and receive non-judgemental support. I think this is what a culture of wellness looks like and we are working to reproduce this kind of culture at a campus level. Thank you." - Jess Swanson, Student Wellness Project, CC'17
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