Florida Museum of Natural History Taylor Petrie

Nature on Display

This is a photo of me at the butterfly garden located inside the Florida Museum of Natural History. This exhibit was particularly appealing to me because i thought it was so cool seeing so many amazing butterflies freely roaming around, you never really get to see that out in actual nature. The fact that every butterfly looked different and unique caught my attention. Because this exhibit was fairly small, it made me appreciate the plants in the exhibit as well, which I don't tend to do. I really enjoyed just watching all the wildlife that was in this exhibit interact.

Nature and Ethics

This is a photo of me with an exhibit in the Florida Museum of Natural History displaying information about the future of florida coastal fishing. As I walked around the museum, I began to appreciate nature and the world we live in more and more. The exhibits made me feel like I wanted to do something to preserve the natural world. I realized that if we don't start making efforts to take care of nature, it will slowly but surely diminish. I think the other people walking through the museum were thinking the same thing. I feel like the exhibits like the one above really helped museum visitors realize that there needs to be a change in this world regarding how we take care of nature. My experience definitely made me feel like I had an ethical responsibility to become more involved with nature.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This is a photo of me in front of an exhibit displaying dinosaur. I feel like this is a major part of how the Florida Museum of Natural History helped me step out of my ordinary life, I felt like i was taking a step into history. I feel like the dinosaur exhibit really made me appreciate how our earth started and where we come from, and really reminded me of the mystery and majesty that exists in our world.

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