3 Fun Vocabulary Reviewing Activities Teaher: Rania Essa

Vocabulary is probably THE most important component of language proficiency to learn for comprehension and even more so for production.

(Ur, 2012)

Begin your lessons with quick five minutes activities that encourage your students to recall vocabulary items that they’ve learnt in previous lessons. Make it fun, challenging and engaging!

Reviewing vocabulary doesn't have to be boring!

Activity 1: Quick Bingo Game!

All you need is a paper and a pen. Ask your students to write down four words on a piece of paper. Give a hint about one of the vocabulary words and students cross the words out. The winner is the student who crosses off all the words on his list.

Activity 2: I Say - You Say

The teacher says “I say (a word or a phrase in English)You say” and the students respond with the meaning of the word or phrase. Another variation is calling out synonyms or opposites.

Activity 3: Memory Challenge

Pair students up or put them into small groups. Give them a time limit and ask them to write down as many words or expressions as they can remember from the last lesson. The group that can remember the most items wins the game.

Make a routine of five minutes for vocabulary review every lesson!


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