The Corps of Discovery Lily Brown

The Trail

St Louis-->Fort Mandan-->Marias River-->Lemhi Pass--> Fort Clatsop-->St Louis

Key Players

Meriwether Lewis
  • Was asked to be the Commander of the Corps of Discovery
  • Worked for Thomas Jefferson
William Clark
  • Helped lead the Corps
  • Was a friend of Lewis
George Drouillard
  • Interpreted French and Native languages for the Corps.
  • Whenever Lewis separated from the group, he took Drouillard with him.
  • Clark's slave.
  • The first black man to cross the continent north of Mexico.
  • The wife of corps interpreter Charbonneau and an interpreter herself.
  • Helped the corps find food and their way.


  • Maps of the West were Made
  • Peaceful contact with Native Americans was established
  • A large quantity of scientific knowledge was acquired.


  • The Great Falls of the Mississippi River had to be traveled around, which took a while.
  • The expedition got lost in the Bitterroots (A range in the Rocky Mountains) and faced fatigue, frigid temperatures, and food shortage.
  • Sergeant Charles Floyd died of a ruptured appendix, being the only corps member to die on the trip.


Chocolate Lily

Frillita affinis

Glacier Lily

Erythrohium grandiflorium

Bull Snake

Pituophis catenifer sayi

Tools used on journey

  • Jefferson Peace Medal-Used to promote peace to the Native Americans
  • Pewter Buttons-Used for trading
  • Lead ammunition-Used for hunting


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