The 2019 Amazing Room Contest

Every year, University of Iowa Housing hosts a contest to find the most amazing room in each residence hall. Here are the winners for 2019!


Katie and Sarah decorated their Burge double with a mix of warm yellow tones and contrasting blue tones for a place where they can study and relax at the same time. These roommates had the great idea of creating a joint Pinterest board before moving in so they could share their decor ideas with each other!


This bright space decorated by MacKenzie and Emily is fun and inviting. There's a great area to get ready, pick your ootd, and catch up on some reading. This pair says they were meant to be roommates because they have such similar styles. They each brought their own decorations without discussing a theme, and it still came together perfectly!


Ethan and Ryan designed a room that has the perfect combo of gaming and studying. These boys both knew that the University of Iowa was their dream school and their Hawkeye pride shows through their choice of throw pillows and wall decor.


Gloria and Haley wanted their room to feel like their "home away from home". With the awesome seating area, they created the best place for friends to hang out! To create a warm and cozy atmosphere, these girls chose to sprinkle shades of soft pink throughout the room.


Olivia S. and Olivia A.'s room is a nod to mother nature. The inspiration for their room stems from the sun, water, and land with colors of forest green, yellow, and pale blue. These roommates decided to incorporate things that make them happy and relaxed into their space, such as lots of lights, greenery, and color.


Halle & Chloe's eye-catching wall design really sets the tone of their room. Each photo on their wall represents everything that inspires them and was carefully picked. The wide windows give them the perfect reading light and their long desk in the back is great for studying.


Natalie & Katilyn's room has a modern-farm style feel with trendy wall decor and is not just your average dorm room. These two wanted to create a cozy space by using cool white and grey tones with a pop of blush,warm tones that really brighten it up. They are able to keep each other motivated while studying with their desks being on either side of the room.


Esther & Talia created a cozy reading nook under their window and an area in the middle of the room where they can host friends for movie nights! The string lights placed under their beds gives them extra light while sitting at their desks. The theme they went for was a "pastel boho" which combines Talia's love of plants and pastels with Esther's bohemian/90's aesthetic.


Collin & Max's room was the runner up in the 2019 Amazing Room Contest. Their room was inspired by the sweet city of Chicago and their love of major league sports teams. With the rustic brick backdrop, modern design, and team decor, their room is the ultimate sports fan cave!

Sarah & Rachel decorated their room with posters of their favorites artists complete with a snug couch where they can unwind. The changing color lights throughout their room create the coolest vibe and represents their daily moods and personalities. These girls want to make memories and new beginnings in this room by giving it a "home away from home" feel.


Ava & Brooke's room is glamorous with a side of comfy! They hung up string lights creating a chic and warm feel for their double room. These two brought elements from their own rooms back home to create that homey feel. The inspiration for their room stemmed from what held the most meaning to them.

Other Room types

This year, there were so many great entries that multiple finalists (of different room types) were chosen in both Daum and Mayflower residence halls. The second winner in Daum represents a triple room and the second winner in Mayflower represents a single room.

Daum Triple Room

Michelle, Alexandra, and Quinlan's triple bedroom landed Duam with another worthy competitor for the contest! Their room combines all of their design aesthetics and love for plants all while creating a space where they can socialize and de-stress.

Mayflower single room

Jade's room won 1st place in the 2019 Amazing Room Contest. Jade's Mayflower single shows off her eccentric, thrifty personality with some unique second-hand store decor. Jade's love for art and the color yellow is shown throughout her entire room. Her single bed grasped yet another entry for the Mayflower residence hall!

There you have it! Think you're ready to put your decorating skills to the test?

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