Puerto Vallarta The Gift of Travel/March 2017

A long awaited opportunity for the Slone family to visit for a week while luxuriating in one of the world's most fabulous resorts - Grand Luxxe in Nuevo Vallarta, just minutes away from PVR.

After a 4 hour flight from Atlanta we arrived in PV. Love the remote stand, and waking down stairs like we all did up until the sixties.

Colors everywhere..

Textures and thoughtful design.

Amazing landscapes and warm breezes.

A view of PV.

John - taking a shot from the front verandah.

There's the baby!

Too lazy to shave.

Welcome charcuterie and a bottle of Brut.

Looking down.

At the bar.

Fanny bar.

Fanny bridge.

Small pool with a view.

Pathway to nowhere.

Graphic texture.

Motion blur.

Festive fixtures.

Retail lust.

Light play.

Au bar.

Conch shell by the ocean.

Dressing cabin.

PV beach.

Go away.

Stolen plates.

Gourmet shanty café.

Set sail. Pier along the boardwalk in PV.

Drug dealers and derelicts.


The resort pays homage to the Mayan rulers.

Abstract Mayan.

Love shadows.

Light show.

On the beach.

Panoramic view.

Entrance to the bar.

Good cooks.

Dining room.

Verandah view.

Looking up.

Looking down.

Evening walk.

Organic wine.

Big sister.

Almost black & white.

Early morning beach walk.

Beach huts.


I would love to be young again.

Whale watching one.

Whale watching two.

Whale watching three. And yes I got sea sick.

Big cat.

Wide angle.

Try having a conversation with a mime.

Foot prints.

Surf's up.



empty stairwell.

Created By
Roger Salz

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