Elizabeth House 2nd floor

The second floor of the house is where the bedrooms are located. First, the Master bedroom.

Shown in this photo is the first bathtub in Mt Pleasant to have running water. On the right of the fireplace is a soapstone foot warmer. You placed it near the fire to heat it and then placed it in the bed to warm your feet, or they were also taken along in carriages to keep their feet warm on long rides.

The nightgowns are typical of the Victorian era. Both men and women wore them. They were called a nightgown for the women and a nightshirt for the men.

A Victorian dresser. Hanging on the knob is a bustle. The bustle is what fills out the lady's dress in back.
Bustle dress c 1870
Original 1835 Federal style mantle.
Since they had no running water in the house, they used a pitcher and basin like this one sitting on a washstand.
Men's items; collars, spats, a wallet, shaving mug with brush.
Child's bedroom or Nursery.
Child's bed with quilt
Old wind up tin toys
Federal mantle with child's chairs, and tin lawn mower
This doll is made of Paper Mache. In back on the right, is a sewing machine. One the left is a toy cook stove.
Cast iron toys were popular during the Victorian era. The table in the center is actually a chair to set a baby in.
Ceramic doll and children's books
Baby carriage for a doll
Child's cradle on rockers
Children's clothing and another child's bed
Fancy Victorian doll stroller
Old fashioned school desks with lunch box and slates. Slate were used instead of paper and pencils.
Spinning wheel for flax
A trunk was used to store items, but was also used to transport items, like luggage. Behind the trunk is a yard winder.
A great wheel spinning wheel for wool.
An early 1800s printing press used by Elisha Bates
Silk fabric that was woven in Mt Pleasant
An old quilt from the late 1800s
Fancy china teacups
Little girl's velvet dress
Hats and gloves and hat boxes from the 1950s and 1960s
Eye chart, baby scale and bed pan
Wheelchair and coverlet along with equipment from a doctor's office
Old fashioned medicine
Doctors' chair
Lamp from doctor's office
Old scale
Used to sterilize doctor's tools
A 1920s electrotherapy device

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