Paper Tin Foil Dolls by:Olivia Sousanis

  1. Intro
  2. How To Make a Doll
  3. What Can They Do
  4. Gift
  5. Conclusion


Are you tired and you don't want to watch TV all day or a little. Then your in luck because you just entered the book of paper dolls. This book will tell you everything you need to know about how to make a paper doll. So you won't waste your time on a screen.

How To Make a Doll

How do you make a doll? First get out tape, paper, Tinfoil, and markers. Then take a little bit of tinfoil and make a ball there you have ahead just put paper on wallah! You have a real head now. Next take more tinfoil and make 5 sticks then rap them in paper then tape and finally tape all of them together and colar them in with your markers. Now you have a doll.

What Can They Do?

Cleaning up is boring but you can make it fun by playing were your doll cleans what I mean is depending on how you put the arms on. If you put them like there clapping than it will be to be at least be able to hold Lego. I hope you come up with more ideas for you and your doll to do and make.


If you want to give your friend or family that's hand made present then you can make a doll for them. After you make the doll you should rap it but that's not safe enough so maybe you should rap it in newspaper then put the raped doll in a box rap the box then put a bow on. As long as the person is happy that's what maters!


Paper dolls are fun to play with. They can do many things and can be from your own creation of mind. Maybe one day you will make one.


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