Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving

"The Visionary"

All about ENTP's

ENTPs are fortunate to have a wide range of capabilities. They are generally good at anything that has captured their interest. ENTPs are likely to be successful in many different careers. Since they have a lot of options open to them, ENTPs will do well to choose professions that allow them a lot of personal freedom where they can use their creativity to generate new ideas and solve problems. They will not be completely happy in positions that are regimented or confining.

Character Traits

Interested in people


Enjoy generating ideas and theories

Creative and ingenius

Bright and capable

Flexible and Diverse

Excellent communication skills

Enjoy debating issues with other people

Excellent people skills

Natural leaders, but do not like to control people

Resist being controlled by others

Lively and energetic; able to motivate others

Highly value knowledge and competence

Logical, rational thinkers

Able to grasp difficult concepts and theories

Enjoy solving difficult problems

Dislike confining schedules and environments

Dislike routine, detailed tasks

Possible Careers

Theoretical physicist, mathematician

Engineering, all types

Computer science

Social sciences (sociology, anthropology, political science, geography)


Psychology: evolutionary, personality, social

Investigative journalist, reporter, editor

Philosophy, theology / theologian

Religious studies, comparative religion

Peace studies

College professor

Investment planning



Comedy writing / comedian

Graphic / website / UI / UX design

Creative media professional

Photography / photographer

Humanities / liberal arts

Creative writer, blogger

Playwright, screen writer

Teacher (higher-level students)

Priest, pastor, minister

Life coach

Translator / languages


Mediator, diplomat, peace work

Motivational speaker

Consulting, all types

Radio host, podcaster


Business / marketing

Public relations



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