A Fun Day sophia f.

Baltimore Trip I have many fun days, but I will never forget the day I went to Baltimore Aquarium with my dad . The first thing , I woke up ate breakfast , got ready and waited for my dad. We got into the car and drove to Baltimore. We got out the harbor and walked on it. It was soo beautiful ! The harbor was awesome ! Then we got into the aquarium . I got to look and touch under water animals. There were sharks, turtles, dolphins , and jellyfish but there was a lot of animals there. My favorite part was the dolphins putting on a show though me and my dad got a little wet. After a while, we went to eat at Cheesecake Factory. It was very good! My favorite food was the chocolate cheese cake it was the best! Then, we walked to a hotel and stayed there for the night. Finally, we woke up got ready ate a yummy breakfast and left Baltimore.We drove home my dad dropped me off at my home.When I got inside I told my mom about my trip! That was my favorite day ever!!


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