The Cajon by louie

The Cajon is an instrument made in Peru. It has significance as a traditional instrument.

The Cajon is made of sheets of plywood 1.3cm thick. The inside is hollow allowing it to be played like a bass drum and sound like one. You can play the Cajon in many ways. You can hit it, strike it or even tap it. The Cajon is part of the percussion family. To play it you sit on it and hit between your knees. It can be played with a mallet that is made with metal or plastic that is usually used on drums.

The difference between the Cajon and Bass drum is that you can't sit on the bass drum. The cajon can be hit with hands, the bass drum has to be hit by a mallet. The Cajon was also created in the 18th century by slaves that knew how to play music and the Bass drum was created in the early 20th century for rock bands.

Some other differences are that the bass drum has to be mounted as it is to big to hold. When part of the drum kit a pedal is used. The Cajon is sat on and played by hitting. In percussion kits they can sometimes replace the bass drum. Like the bass drum it can also be hit by a pedal if part of the percussion kit.

I chose to compare the Bass drum and Cajon because they are quite a like, making it harder for me to find differences between them.

Created By
Louie Amorosi



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