Teacher Toolkit Practical Guide to using Reading Apps for Struggling Readers in Primary School

This toolkit for teachers working with reading fluency apps is also available in Dutch and Czech in the corresponding language tabs on the website:

Welcome to our Teacher Toolkit!

Everyone uses apps every day, but not always in the classroom. Yet apps can be effective and fun, provided you use the right ones. With this online Toolkit we support teachers in identifying good reading/spelling apps that help promote fluency, particularly for struggling readers. Set against the three phases in reading development, we offer a matrix that outlines the problems and approaches for each reading phase with links to good quality apps.

For those teachers who want to read up on the theory, the toolkit offers:

  • Background on the three phases in reading development;
  • Methods developed to improve reading fluency and:
  • How and why game Apps for reading fluency help.

On a more practical level the toolkit offers:

  • Videos by and for teachers on how to organise the space and how to diversify successfully in a classroom setting;
  • Videos of how our team of teachers have worked with Apps as an inspiration to other teachers;
  • A teacher platform to share and exchange experiences and tips on using Apps in class

Matrix for tackling reading problems; which apps can help with fluent reading?

Hairy Phonics - Apple / Android, Pocket Phonics - Apple, Teach Your Monster to Read Apple / Android
Lexia Core 5 - Apple / Android / PC
Lexia Core 5 UK - Apple / Android / PC EPIC! - Apple / Android / PC Reading Realm - Apple

Interested in more background on improving reading fluency?

Teachers share their experiences on Lexia app and Reading Realm app

Lexia Core 5 App Review

Reading Realm App Review

Why use Games for Reading Fluency?

The beauty of learning through a game is that children can start to understand things in a playful way and at the same time increase their skills.

“I know what Apps to use, but how do I organise this in my classroom?”

Teacher’s platform - in development...