Making things go! By jasmIne and Alex

Ways to make objects move = solar power, electricity, wind , coal and gas

Solar power is a eco friendly way to power things for example solar panels powers some cars !🌱

Picture of solar panels

Electricity is one of the ways to make things move . For example electricity powers are toys and electronicsπŸ”‹


Wind may not seem like a source of power but it is very useful for example it powers wind mills!

Wind mill

Coal is pretty dirty but has the potential to power a train and can warm us if used to start a fire.


Gas is a nother way to power are stoves β›½οΈπŸŒ±

Gas stove

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Created with images by MikeBird - "sports car vehicle transportation" β€’ kateausburn - "Solar Panels in Maules Creek" β€’ Chillsoffear - "batteries power energy" β€’ Fernando_Villadangos - "windmill park-science-granada wind" β€’ oatsy40 - "Coal" β€’ stevendepolo - "Gas Stove Burner 12-28-09 -- Dec282009_1384"

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