Arthropod Vectors:LYME DISEASE Ester Correa

This specific tick feed on white-tailed deer. These ticks may also feed on other large mammals as hosts, including humans also causing Lyme Disease

Some sypmtoms for catching it early: Fever,chills,headache,fatigue, muscle and joint ahes, and swollen lymph nodes. Along with Erythema migrans(EM) rash.

Some later of symptoms are: Severe headaches and neck stiffness, additional EM rahseson other areas of the body,arthritis with sever joing pain and swelling,particularly the knees and otherlarge joints,facial palsy, intermittent pain in tendons,muscles, joints and bones, inflammation of the brian and spinal cors, episodes of dizziness or shortness of breath, nerve pain, shooting pains,numbness or tingling in the hands or feet,problems with short-term memory.

Spread through the bite of infected ticks. Blacklegged tick(Deer Tick) spreads the disease in the northeastern,mid-Atlantic and North-Central United States.
Ways of infectious prevention:Cover up,use insect repellent, tick -proof yard(as best as possible), don't assume that your immune, remove tick if seen quickly.

If bitten,don't crush tick body,since its bodily fluids may contain infection-ausing organisms. After tick is removed wash skin and hands thoroughly with soap and water.


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