Retrival Practice Self Study Common exhibit for learning exhibit #3

flashcards: Just like everyone else in the world I've used flashcards for vocabulary at one point or another. i plan to use these for my second nutrition test as a method for memorizing the vitamins, their functions, and processes they are involved in. i plan to use these starting 02.22.2017 exactly one week before my second test.

Quizlet: I've often used the fruits of other people's labor on Quizlet, but I've never taken the time to actually design one for myself. This might be a good method for learning the macronutrients for a quiz i have in 2 weeks. i plan to use this my entering the new material into Quizlet as we learn it and review everyday until the quiz

mind map: this is a great method for putting together all the different concepts that we learn and how they work together. I will be using this method for my Theories of Psychotherapy test next week to closely review the different policies of the researchers. I will use this by first completing the study guides and then sitting down the next day and begin creating mind maps.


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