In a galaxy far, far away on the planet Tetra, a group of alien scientists created a very powerful marijuana plant that when smoked, gave the person inhaling the smoke the power to bend space and time, and to warp reality around them.

The scientists named this plant Nirvana.

The scientists discovered that only special beings could control the power of Nirvana. Your mind must be strong enough to control Nirvana. If your mind was not strong enough, your brain would explode from smoking it. The scientists decided to lock away the instructions to growing Nirvana and the special fertilizer needed to grow it.

However, word of the powerful plant Nirvana spread and aliens from the planet Arche attacked Planet Tetra and attempted to steal Nirvana.

Many Tetrans died during the attack. The scientists were able to destroy the plant. The overlord of the Archeans, Lord Kano was able to get the instructions needed to grow Nirvana. He could not grow the plant however without the fertilizer. What he hadn't realized is that one of the scientists, Malin Teswyx was able to escape the planet with the fertilizer. Angered, Kano began to hunt Malin and the special fertilizer.

Malin traveled through many galaxies trying to escape Lord Kano. However, Kano kept finding him and was relentless in his pursuit. Malin was able to escape Kano for a moment. He needed to get to planet Delta9 where the only other special being was located. There he could grow the plant for him and Kano could be stopped. Suddenly, an asteroid hit his ship and he lost control. His ship began to crash towards the planet Earth.

It was April 20th. Ramon was home relaxing, celebrating 4/20 by enjoying a day of smoking, eating pizza and playing video games.

At 4:20pm, Ramon heard a loud noise outside. It sounded like a plane falling. He got up and looked out his window. What he saw blew his mind. There was an UFO falling from the sky!

Ramon heard the UFO crash outside in an area near his home. He decided to go outside and investigate the crash site. He walked up toward the ship, amazement in his eyes. As he admired the ship, a door opened and Malin stepped out of the ship. Ramon was shocked at what he was seeing.

" Holy shit! It's an alien! A real life freaking alien!"

" Hello human. My name is Malin Teswyx."

" This is some damn good weed! An alien just talked to ME! Oh my God, this cannot be real."

" I assure you, this is very real human."

" What the fuck, I need to stop smoking so much. I am losing my mind. I'm talking to an imaginary alien!"

" Sir, this is real. I am real. I am a scientist from the planet Tetra. I escaped my planet following an attack from the Archeans."

" Oh my God. This...this is amazing! What's up Malin, I'm Ramon."

Ramon took Malin back to his home. Malin explained everything to him, from the creation of Nirvana to the Archean attack and how he escaped.

" So, does Kano know where your ship crashed?"

" I don't know. I got out of his sight before I crashed. He has somehow been able to find me no matter where I go though."

" So what will Kano do if he gets the secret fertilizer?"

" Kano is a ruthless overlord. His main goal is to take over the galaxy. If he gets Nirvana, he will have the power necessary to do so."

" So what are we supposed to do? Wait until he comes to Earth and kills us all for the fertilizer?"

" Before I crashed, I was headed to planet Delta9 where the only other special being is located. He is the only one who can control Nirvana's power and defeat Kano. I need to repair my ship and...."

Before Malin could finish talking, a breaking news report began broadcasting. There'd been multiple reports of alien attacks across the globe. Kano had arrived. He wanted Nirvana.

" Oh no, Malin, what the hell are we supposed to do? He's here, if he gets Nirvana the whole universe is screwed!"

" I don't know what to do. The special being is the only who can save us and I can't reach him because my ship is damaged. This may be the end."

" Fuck that Malin. We have to do something. Let's see if I can handle Nirvana."

" Only the special one can...."

" Listen, I've smoked a lot of different weed in my lifetime and none have killed me. I'll be damned if I ever die from smoking weed. We don't have a choice right now, grow it and let me smoke it!"

Malin quickly grew the plant. Once it was ready, he rolled some of it up in a joint for Ramon. Both Malin and Ramon were very nervous. If this didn't work, Kano would get the fertilizer and the universe would be destroyed.

" Are you ready Ramon?"

" I guess so. Spark it up Malin!"

Malin lit the joint. Ramon began to smoke Nirvana. After each hit, his head felt like it was getting closer and closer to exploding. Nirvana was a lot for him to handle. Malin began to worry. From the way things looked, the plan wasn't working and Ramon's brain was soon gonna explode and kill him. However, something astonishing happened.....

After taking another hit of the joint, Ramon's brain didn't explode. Instead, it calmed down. As Ramon looked around, time was slowed. Everything around him was wavy and gently moving around. Suddenly, everything stopped moving and Roman began to float. His mind had tamed Nirvana. He could feel its powers moving throughout his body. There was a bright flash of light and everything around Roman returned to normal. Malin was shocked.

" This is unbelievable! They said there was only one special being left but here you are!"

" Malin, this feels amazing. I've never felt anything like this before!"

Ramon began to test out his new powers. He could manipulate and control time and space. He could move things around with his mind. He could create items out thin air for he could control matter. He could speed up and slow down time. He could defy the law of physics! He had the power to reshape reality around him. He was in awe at the magnificent powers of Nirvana.

Ramon had all the power he needed to defeat Kano. Using his ability to bend space and time, Ramon defeated Kano and his Archean army with ease. The universe was saved.

After defeating Kano, Ramon and Malin continued to protect Nirvana and keep it from falling into the wrong hands. They also traveled to many different galaxies in search of the other special beings. The universe was forever safe.

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