stranger people by: Analisa DeHerrera 6th hour

David weir is the photographer of this project. In his daily life he spends most of his time taking pretty pixels. David weirs actions in this project is to try and step out of his comfort zone. What he does is basically taking 100 portraits of just strangers. David hopes that this project well help him develop his photogenic skills.

David Weirs goal for this project was to have him find just random people he dosent know and to take 100 portraits of each. It is also a good way for him to help and meet knew people. The city he mostly liked and where it id a different variety of people would have to be in Los Angeles. David Weir mostly photographed random strangers. These strangers were chosen based off of their looks and how different they were from everyone.

We can take this project and apply it to what we are doing because if you were to go up to a random person and ask to take a picture of them for a project im sure they wouldn't be fine with it considering what our society is like now and days.

Created By
Analisa DeHerrera

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