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Angel Island

Angel Island is a place where immigrants were sent to get registered and checked for the United States. Immigrants were stuck in angel island for days to life and they carved their stories into the wall. The most popular of immigrants there were chinese.

Immigration 1800's to 1900's

Many people outside of the United States wanted to go there to escape war, disease, and just have a fresh start but met a bad fate at angel island. Immigrants were treated poorly coming to the U.S. they were put into terrible working conditions, got little money, and didn't know their way around.

U.S. foreign policy

International trade was a major factor in these considerations. In addition to being the leader in the development of industries in a country or region on a wide scale, by the turn of the 20th century the United States had become the major agricultural exporter in the world. A strong desire to increase international trade fueled the debate as to whether maintaining that prominence in agricultural exports would be best accomplished through both territorial expansion and an economic push for market expansion.


Chinese people were the main people stuck in angel island and probably had it the worst. The Chinese were kept at angel island the most and had really really tragic tales and poems carved into the walls at the angel island immigration station.

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