Funeral and Burial Practices Rose monroe

Victorian England was a spectacular time, filled with spectacular mourning fashions, superstitions, and customs surrounding death.

After death has occurred, there were many rituals and traditions that were followed with the body of the recently deceased. Cemeteries were often arranged in specific ways, such as facing with heads to the West, this most likely occurred because of Sun Woshipers from long ago, and the tradition remained. Religion often played a part in customs surrounding the dead.
Victorian England had very strict mourning fashion codes to follow. Women were often forced to withdraw from society, and they had to wear clothing that forced them into this seclusion (this most often affected widows), this outfit was called a widow's 'weed'. Men were required to wear simply a black crape armband or hat. And finally children, children were put into white clothing and often their toys were put into mourning as well.
Because death was so common, many suoerstitions surrounded it. Such as if the deceased had a good life, flowers would grow on his grave. Or if rain falls on a funeral procession the dead will go to heaven. Other superstitions revolved around keeping the living alive and safe from harm and misfortune, such as stoping the clock in a room where death has occurred to prevent bad luck.
Many traditions from the Victorian era carry on into today's time, and if not they majorly impacted today's world. One of these traditions is having a wake for the dead. A wake used to serve as a time where the relatives could travel to where the funeral was held, and to give the deceased time to possibly wake up from say a coma. Now a wake is for a final goodbye.all the same, Victorian traditions continue to impact today's world.


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