The Sixth Extinction the #saveyourplanet campaign

Campaign Overview

Scientists say Earth is on the brink of a ‘sixth mass extinction,’ in which dozens of our species are vanishing by the day. Mass extinctions naturally occur at a ‘background’ rate of about one to five species per year, but currently, we are losing species at 1,000-10,000 times this natural rate. Even more, it is estimated that by 2050, as many as 30-50% of all Earth’s species will be gone.

There have been five mass extinctions in Earth’s history–the last of which wiped out dinosaurs over 65 million years ago. So why is this sixth extinction so different from the previous five? Us, humans. Human impact is detrimental. Human-driven practices such as forest-clearing, urbanization, and burning fossil fuels dramatically disrupt the natural flow of ecosystems, which result in habitat loss, and ultimately leaves an unfit environment for survival. 99% of all threatened species are in danger due to human activity.

Our world is rapidly deteriorating by the second. What does this mean for our planet? What does this mean for our future? What does this mean for you? As human beings inhabiting this planet it is our moral duty to try to salvage what little we have left. By donating to the #SaveYourPlanet campaign, we can help save the planet one species at a time. Throughout the month of April we are urging everyone to celebrate Earth Month and contribute to the #SaveYourPlanet campaign!

Campaign Goals

1. Awareness–As part of the #SaveYourPlanet campaign our main goal is to raise worldwide awareness surrounding mass extinction through social media engagement, and ultimately translate this awareness into funds to mitigate the destructive consequences of the issue at hand. We also intend to increase social media networking traffic and visitor loyalty in order to increase conversion rates, drive leads, enhance public relations, and build a community of advocates.

2. Action–Through the use of social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it is our goal to release at least five posts on each site per week in order to generate significant buzz surrounding the #SaveYourPlanet campaign. With heightened prevalence on the media landscape we intend to significantly grow followership on each of our social media platforms, thus growing awareness around the issue. Our posts will consist of a mix of relevant links, engaging content, upcoming events, videos, visual galleries, and contests in order to engage with influencers and target audiences.

Based on similar campaigns in the past we plan to reach 20,000 Twitter followers, grow our Facebook page to 50,000 likes, and gain 10,000 Instagram followers by the end of the month using optimization strategies for key timing and tagging. We intend to increase the reach of each of our posts to at least 10% in order to augment our followings on each platform. For Twitter, we will share information about our campaign two to three times per day. The target for each tweet is 200 retweets and 300 likes. For Facebook, we will share a collection of various visual content three to four times per day. The target for each post is 2,000 likes and 50 comments. For Instagram, we will share one to two posts per day, with a target of 300 likes and 20 comments per post.

3. Accomplishments–By the end of the month #SaveYourPlanet hopes to raise at least $40,000. Through tracking the number of followers, likes, shares, retweets, mentions, ratings, and reviews, we can adjust our campaign goals to fit the needs of our audiences in order to further work towards our goal of global awareness and significant fundraising.

Target Audiences

Because this issue is worldwide, mass extinction impacts every single person on the planet. However, we plan to aim awareness at and target those who unfortunately foster an uninhabitable environment for our precious and soon-to-be-extinct species. We want to bring awareness to companies who have faulty environmental practices. By reaching out to these types of enterprises #SaveYourPlanet will have a positive impact on their environmental agenda, regulation of harmful practices, and overall sustainability.

The video below exemplifies how forest-clearing for agribusiness negatively impacts animals inhabiting the Amazon Rainforest and tips for how the average consumer can reduce this impact.

We also intend to target audiences who support fighting this issue and who are willing to donate to the cause. While we cannot altogether decimate mass extinction, we can most definitely mitigate its impact on species living amongst us today. Therefore, with the reach of thousands of social media users worldwide, we can build a strong foundation to make a significant contribution to the cause.

Social Media Campaign Review–Previous and Current Approaches

The #SaveYourWorld campaign is not the first of its kind. With insight from the following campaigns' progress and accomplishments, we can better understand the inner workings of social media outreach in order to yield high conversion rates.

The "Dawn Saves Wildlife" campaign has aimed to rescue birds damaged by oil spills since 2002. Dawn promises to donate $1 to wildlife conservation groups each time a customer purchases a bottle of dishwashing soap. Consumers are also able to donate through their website: Within the first three months of launching their campaign more than $89,000 was raised. Now their Facebook fan page has reached over 1 million followers! We applaud the success of Dawn and want to reach out to more social media users on additional platforms, including Instagram and Twitter, via the #SaveYourPlanet campaign.

World Wildlife’s Fund #LastSelfie campaign utilizes the transient nature of Snapchat to highlight the severity of the endangered species phenomenon. Within the first three days of launching their campaign, #LastSelfie had already reached their monthly target. 40,000 #LastSelfie tweets hit 120 million timelines, 50% of all active Twitter users worldwide. The #SaveYourPlanet campaign aspires to reach this immense level of success by using similar tactics. While #LastSelfie mainly targets millennial audiences, #SaveYourPlanet intends to grasp the reach of audiences of all ages through Instagram and Facebook as well.

The "Forest Trends" campaign seeks to promote sustainable forest management and the value of ecosystems by supporting innovative projects and companies with developing markets in forested regions. While Forest Trends has been active since 1998, it has only gained the reach of 2,000 Facebook followers and raised a total of $70,000. #SaveYourPlanet is determined to surpass these numbers by a considerable amount. By examining Forest Trends’ sub-par tactics, #SaveYourPlanet can adjust its campaign model to retain a higher overall followership and total funds.

Content Creation Plan

Social Media Outreach

Displayed below are various sample Tweets, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts, including a Dunk Tank event and a contest to win a trip to Key West, FL!

Sample Tweets

Sample Facebook Posts

Sample Instagram Posts

Campaign Deliverables

By the end of April #SaveYourPlanet has reached its goal of $40,000 (and counting)! With a 10% reach on each of our posts, we have been able to attain our goal of 20,000 Twitter followers, 50,000 Facebook page likes, and 100,000 Instagram followers. Our social media presence has raised extensive awareness surrounding mass extinction due to our informational posts, pictures, videos, articles, visual galleries, and other engaging content. Our campaign promotions, such as the Dunk Tank event and selfie contest, have driven #SaveYourPlanet mentions up by 50%. We can officially say that #SaveYourPlanet was a success.

Call to Action

Follow the #SaveYourPlanet campaign on...

  • Twitter: @6extinctions
  • Facebook: The Extinction Crisis
  • Instagram: @the_extinction_crisis

And visit our website at to donate today!


We are not the only ones on Earth. According to the Census of Marine Life, we share the planet with some 8.7 million species. At the current rate at least three species are driven to extinction caused by humans every hour. Humanity is the culprit. However, by joining and donating to the #SaveYourPlanet campaign, over 100,000 people worldwide helped raise over $40,000 to help endangered species in one month alone. A tremendous amount of awareness has also been raised about the extinction crisis because of #SaveYourPlanet, as shown through our augmenting social media presence and prevalence. At this rate the #SaveYourPlanet campaign has the capacity to reach levels beyond one's imagination.


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