Roller Coaster

Define The problem

Our problem was that we had to build a roller coaster that fit the requirements such as space consumption and time limit.

Generate concepts

Our generating concepts paper

Develope a solution

At the end of the list above we decided on an apocalyptic space land

Construct and test a prototype

We started our construction by putting two boxes on top of each other, after that we covered it in white paper and drew some theme related illustrations on the side.

Afterwards we added the track and a little station where the marble would stop at the end

Evaluate the solution

Once we had finished the track we tested it and the marble fell off the track at the end from too much speed so, we glued some popsicle sticks to the sides of the track to prevent this from happening

Present the solution

This is us presenting the roller coaster to the class, I asked multiple people for help but the video link wouldn't work so I can show you it if you need me too.

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