A Home for Someone New By isabel Shashaty

This is Piper. She is a German Sherperd mixed with a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and has been part of my family for about 4 years.
We rescued her from the Humane Society. However, she had spent most of her puppy years as a street dog in Puerto Rico before being rescued.
When we first met her, she was called "Raisin" by the Humane Society staff and volunteers.
But after meeting her, and eventually adopting her, we thought it would be appropriate to name her "Piper" in regards to her hyperactive nature and high-pitched barking.
Piper grew attached to all of us immediately, especially my dad. She greets us everyday after school with a smile.
Piper greeting me at home after school, and greeting Dad after work. Piper loves her family...
...And she loves her home.
My puppy-dog💚
Piper gets incredibly excited when she is about to go outside. She waits by the door with anticipation.
The End 🐶

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