Agriculture jake ufford

8,000 BCE people discovered. food sources became reliable afret farming was invented. people where able to store food for later. farming was started in southwest asia.

the second farming revolution happened in the late 1700-1800. The use of tractors made less of a need for farm hands. farming changed because they started using tractors instead of hand picking crops.

the third agriculture revolution also known as the green revolution started in the 1940s. They found a better way to produce more crops by using fertilizers.

genetically modified organisms are plants and animals are organisms that has had their genetic makeup changed. the pros of gmo's are that they have all the good traits. the cons of gmo's are that they are filled with chemicals and many people believe that they are not safe to eat.

substance farming is farming only enough food for the person growing it. sustainable farming is farming that protects the environment. commercial farming is farming crops to sell them for a profit

the longest recorded flight for a chicken is 13 seconds. goats are great swimmers. a pig can run 11 miles per hour. goats are great companions for other farm animals.


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