Plastic dreams VIDIOMAS


There we are: Alexis, Lu, Ponchito, Paci and Alice (in that order from left to right and top to the bottom ;)

First of all for whoever that is looknig this, needs to know that "Plastic Dreams" wasn´t our original idea for vidiomas, at the beggining was:


It was a cool idea, had a wonderful script, but needed a lot of patience and time to film the scenes, something that we may had, but in spite of, both things were running out of us and some problems started arising, as changing the filming day, like a million times or getting annoyed between us because the way we were treated, well we were tired of all... so here we show you some picture frames of two scenes:

And here is a little tribute to our unfinished project (some of the parts were modificated for a short duration of the video) :

Well we had to remake another vidioma since the beggining, in spite of all the problems we had to think in what to do and the pressure of the time above us... well, we´ll show our final project :

And finally our opinions :

(We are missing Lu´s opinion, but she had to do another work for her french class).

- Alexis Solís

"As teamwork, we started very well and with a nice story to tell it to the final audience (students, teachers, etc). However time passed and we left this near to the final delivery and we got stressed and confused about how the story went because it didn't have the real coherence. At the final, we opted to stop recording the real vidiomas and begin a new one, but.. each one had a different idea and no one decided which one to choose. Alicia had the idea to film a crime/thriller story, I said to film like a horror story in a forest setting. On the other hand, we only had 4 days to give it to the teacher, so Pacifico at the beginning wanted to do a slow-motion movie and definitely we agreed with him.

In my experience maybe I wanted to take out all my ideas, but I knew that it would be very hard to do it. In the final I enjoyed the fact that it was one of the first videos with an original special effects and because of the new opportunity to work with different people"

-Alfonso Ramírez

"Making and recording a video is always difficult but fun. The vidiomas always drawn the smallest of our imaginations for each script we write, and the other problem is to record the video even though it is usually fun. In this occasion I had fun with this generation of vidiomas and I am very happy of the videos where I had an appearance. I am happy and agree with the result obtained."

-Pacífico Orantes

"At the beginning of the Vidiomas, we planned to make a completely different project of what we make at the end. In the beginning, I planned to make a movie that combines Stop Motion Animation with real actors, but my partners though it was too hard to make something like that, especially because they couldn’t stay frozen for a few seconds. Then I thought about a bank heist film, and then I just write the script. It was all good, but it come with a lot of problems. I had a vision, but I also had to act in the production, so it was hard to coordinate my role as a director and as an actor. The Idea went to thrash, and we were too close to the deadline of the project, so we needed to make something fast. I was thinking about something that I could make fast, and then I remember the idea of the Stop Motion. I didn’t wanted to do something too easy, I wanted to show something I felt satisfied, but that I could do very fast. So I just grab some clay and spent a total of six hours to make whatever passes on my head in that moment. It’s safe to say that most of the animation was improvised. I didn’t planned what to do, I just did it. It was simple, but satisfying enough for me. I showed to my partners and all agree to make something with my material. And that’s how it born Plastic Dreams.

Although anything of Plastic Dreams was planned, it’s safe to say that it actually is a nice product. The production of the Vidiomas was not like I wanted to make, but it was a very interesting learning experience, so in the future will make better films. For now, I’ll just say that Plastic Dreams is my non-expected child. It wasn’t planned, but it was beautiful. In fact, I think I put more love in Plastic Dreams rather than in the original Heist film. It wasn’t something that everyone wanted to see, but instead was something I wanted to see. And that’s what the Vidiomas and the art of filming is about, making your vision, what you want to see. And that’s my opinion about the Vidiomas."

-Alicia Milo

"As my last vidiomas (sounds awful, but it´s the truth), it wasn´t what I was expecting at the begginig; in my expectation I had the idea of write and film a love/comedy/maybe dramatic story, I had already the full story on my mind, but when we had to choose our team, I was with Paci and he was so excited, because it was his first time with the opportunitie that his team could make his idea for vidiomas, then Alexis and Ponchito joined us, so we decided to make Paci´s idea.

The first week to do the script, we left it to run out, but then I remember being with Paci in the library discussing about his idea, the scenes and where we couldl fim it... ok, I´m spreading me, the point is that we got the script written and the filming had to start, so Lu as a friend of us, I told her if she could help us with the camera work, she accepted and the filming days began (by the way, she spent a lot of time with us, that we told our teacher and her if she could work with us... they said there wasn't any problem, so we adquired a new member) and problems did too.

I'll to put them in points:

  1. The time: We left it close to the delivery day and for that,taking a lot of time to film each scene became a little stressful.
  2. The Paci´s stress: Now that I remember things makes me laugh, but in those days I got kinda annoyed with Paci because the type of director he had turned on and also we´re not qualified actors but we did our best in spite of all the pressure of time.
  3. The places where to film: This wasn't a huge problem, but at some places you can't record anyting, so we needed to think specefic available places.
  4. The filming days: In our team, everybody were from different classes outside english class, so our schedules were variable and it´s not an excuse but we are 5th semester students (excepting Ponchito) and for my perception is the most hard semester in high school and a big part of your time you have to spend it in school.

At the end of all, we were exhausted of filming "The heist", we knew that if we wanted to finish it and present it to the teacher as a vidiomas that we felt proud of, we required more time, haha we were 4 days left to the delivery day and there were missing the most important scenes... So we decided to drop all of our work to the trash (really, we kept it in the box of unfinished stuff) and star from zero.

We took another Paci´s idea, because it had to be easy and faster to make and we did it. We filmed in one day, because Paci had one part of the video already done, and that´s the way that "Plastic dreams" was born as a vidiomas; remembering for what I said in the begginig, this vidiomas wasn´t what I was expecting, but as the last one it was worth it and I´ll keep it as a good memory of my high school time.

Making a vidiomas always will be one of the best project the school challenge you to do, it´s a type of project that makes you blow your mind in thinking of what kind of script will you write with your team, sometimes makes you go out of your comfort zone to deal with the character you need to represent, it makes you turn yourself in a different one, teach you how to be patience with your partners or friends while making it and for the end makes you spend a good time that when you remember it will makes you feel great.


"Remember kid, this is just a dream..." - The dinosaur.

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