Elements and Principles By: Destiny Grogg

Line: A straight, narrow object or drawing

In this image the pipes are straight and then they intersect.

Shape: The way something is formed

In this image the toddlers hand is much smaller than the mans hand.

Value: The areas of dark and light to balance an image.

In this image the artist used value to emphasize his face.

Color: Visually varied
Texture: When something has a variety in the touching sense.
Form: A visual shape of something
Space: The state of being roomy or empty.
Movement: When an image captures a single movement
Rhythm: A pattern
Balance: being steady
Unity: united or as a whole
Emphasis: Value or prominence given to something
Contrast: differences standing out
Created By
Destiny Grogg


Created with images by merra marie - "untitled image" • erix! - "Lines" • katerha - "When I die, she said, I'm coming back as a tree with deep roots & I'll wave my leaves at the children every morning on their way to school & whisper tree songs at night in their dreams. Trees with deep roots know about the things children need.~Brian And" • HotlantaVoyeur - "2002 Sketch 0316" • LoggaWiggler - "clothespins colorful laundry" • puppaluppa - "Texture" • Alexas_Fotos - "bottles alcohol form" • bruvvamike - "space needle" • howo - "dog water run" • Cea. - "[ D ] Robert Delaunay - Rythm (1934)" • erix! - "Balance" • BarbaraBonanno - "share one for all and all for" • silvian1313 - "dandelion fibonacci abstract" • LalouBLue - "architecture iron steel"

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