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Finland is a country in northern Europe located right next to the Scandinavian peninsula. East of Finland is Russia. Right above Finland is Norway. West of Finland is Sweden. Also west of Finland is the Gulf of Bothnia. Below or southwest of Finland is the Baltic Sea. Some of Finland is at such a high latitude that some parts have sunshine for 24 hours a day. A third of the country lies within the Arctic Circle. This area is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. Because of the location of Finland, a good bit of the country can see the Aurora Borealis (better known as the Northern Lights) in the winter.


Finland has a continental type climate. Considering its high latitude, Finland has a mild climate. The influence of the prevailing wind patterns and the Gulf Stream helps keep the climate of Finland mild. The average temperature in the winter ranges from 7 to 27 degrees Fahrenheit. The average temperature in the summer ranges from 55 to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Frost can occur at anytime in northern Finland. Almost all of Finland gets snow at least once a year. The average rainfall in Finland is 16 in.

Physical Characteristics

Finland is known for its forests. About 75% or ¾ of the country is covered in thick forest buzzing with life. Because of this, Finland has a large timber industry. The northern tip of Finland is a frozen tundra. The mountainous region of Finland is confined to the north. Underneath The surface of Finland, lie ancient granite rocks that were eroded during the Ice Age.


Finland’s forest contain a wide range of wildlife. Finland has about 105 cubic km of renewable water resources. Finland has placed many laws to keep some species of wildlife from going extinct. The country has also placed some laws to keep their lumber industry from destroying the forests. Laws also restricting the amount of air pollution are also placed in Finland.


The estimated population of Finland in 2005 was 5,246,000 people.


Customs and Traditions

One major national tradition in Finland that has been around for over 1000 years is to go to a sauna. Saunas are rooms that use hot air or steam to cleanse and make the body refreshed. The hot air or steam is usually created by hot stones with water sprinkled over them.


Finland, like most European countries, allows freedom of religion. The (Greek) Orthodox Church and Evangelical Lutheran Church are both considered state churches and receive special recognition. In 2004, about 84% of Finland's people follow the Evangelical Lutheran Church. Very few of these people actually attend the services on a regular basis. About 1% of the population follow the Orthodox Church. Most of the population isChristian.


There are many languages spoken in Finland as with most European countries. The main 2 spoken in Finland are Finnish and Swedish. Both of these languages are nation languages in Finland, but they are not considered official languages. Finland does not have an official language.


Finns usually prefer food that is simple and fresh. Because of this, they shop frequently. They sometimes eat raw berries and mushrooms to enjoy their natural taste. Almost every Finnish meal is accompanied with bread or cooked grain such as rice. The grain is then followed by fruits and vegetables. Because of the short growing season, fruits and vegetable are prized. Meats and fish are sometimes preserved and eaten to make them last longer. Many Finns enjoy herring, a type of fish. They use herring in many appetizers.

The Forest Bride

Unknown Author


“There once was a farmer who had 3 sons.” He asked each of his sons to bring home a wife. Each son, except the third, was able to find a suitable human wife. The third son set out on a mission to prove his wife to his father.

The story began with the special beginning “there was once. This particular tale began with a variation of there once was.

Like all good tales, a protagonist must be accompanied by a antagonists. The main protagonist of the story was the third son. He was about to accept the little mouse as who she was before she turned into a princess. You can tell he is a good person because he was quickly became depressed that the little bridge was pushed over the bridge.

Just like the philosophy of the Yin and Yang, all stories must have a good character and a evil character to make the story or tale interesting. The philosophy of Yin and Yang believes that light is always accompanied by shadow.

The only character that did something to inhibit the protagonist was the man who pushed the mouse and her coach over the bridge. This inhibited the third son from reaching his goal for a short bit because he was not able to wed the mouse.

The good character must have an evil character to accompany him.

The mouse had turned into back into a princess. The princess was shown to be very wealthy because of the way her coach was laced with prized metals.

The mouse who was being wedded to the third son “under an evil enchantment.” Once the man pushed the little mouse over the bridge, and the third son got depressed, the enchantment was broken. The mouse than returned to her normal appearance which was a princess.

The problem of the story was that the third son or protagonist could not find a suitable human wife. He then decided to wed a mouse who could make fine bread and weave good cloth. At the end of the story, it is discovered that the third son did not marry the mouse. He instead married a princess who was the mouse.

"A farmer, who had 3 sons” told his sons to go find a suitable wife. The main part of the tale was about the sons trying to find a wife. Altogether, they needed 3 wives for 3 sons.

Connection TO FInland

The main setting of the fairy tale is a forest. Finland is known for its forest because 75% or ¾ of the country is covered in forests.


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