EnviroNotes MIS Environmental club newsletter

Welcome to the first edition of the MIS Environmental Club's EnviroNotes! As the release of our first edition coincides with America Recycles Day, our first edition will focus on recycling. Enjoy!

The Club's mission is to 1) Provide students with the opportunity to learn more about their surroundings and participate in service projects both at school and within the community; 2) To increase student awareness of environmental issues and give students the ability to make a change; and 3) To provide opportunities for students to become directly involved in a variety of projects relating to the environment.

Advisor: Mrs. Nash-Chrabascz

Recycling Committee: Joseph C., Layla D., Izzy H., Makenna H., Aubrey M., and Katie T.

Pollinator Garden Committee: Alayna G., Gracie L., Zach O., Charlotte P., and Melanie T.

Events Committee: Natalia M., Tripp R., and Reagan S.

Newsletter Committee: Cisco A., Amelia B., Joe P., and Carson R.

America Recycles Day was started in 1997. Each year on November 15, millions of people across the United States take part in America Recycles Day to raise awareness about recycling and the purchasing of recycled products. For more information go to https://americarecyclesday.org
Looking for ways to save money on holiday decorations AND reduce the amount of waste in the landfill? Check out these 'upcycled' craft projects! You will find the instructions to these projects and more on the Ocean Conservancy's blog. https://oceanconservancy.org/blog/2017/12/06/upcycled-diy-decor-trash-free-holiday/
The average American generates 4.4 pounds of trash and recyclables per day. That adds up to 250 million tons of trash and recyclables per year in the U.S.

Ways to Go Green During the Holiday Season! by: Amelia Brackins

There are many ways you and your family can go green during the holidays. Going green means changing the ways you do things to be more environmentally friendly.

Small changes during the holiday season can make a big difference. Americans throw away 25% more waste from Thanksgiving through New Year’s!

When its time to buy a new Christmas tree, you should encourage your parents to buy a real tree. Many Christmas trees come from tree farms where they are specifically planted to be cut down during the holiday season. It take 8-12 years to grow a good sized real tree. That whole time, they are releasing oxygen and cleaning the air! Also, after Christmas there are many places that you can drop it off to be recycled into mulch. Artificial trees will end up in landfills for the next 1000 years!

There are more ways to reduce waste during the holiday season. We can help the environment by using reusable plates and utensils at holiday meals. It helps keep plastic out of our landfills. When shopping, bring your own reusable bags or ask for paper bags. As you are decorating, choose reusable items instead of disposable ones. If you are tired of your decorations, you can sell them at a garage sale so other people can use them and they will not end up in landfills. When you are gift giving, you can save your bows, ribbons and bags to reuse next year. Use recyclable paper when possible and try to find places that accept gift wrap for recycling.

These are just some of the ways that you can go green this holiday season. Talk with your family about what your household can do to put these tips into use!

We have been busy collecting and sorting 200 pounds of plastic lids and caps. They will be turned over to Green Tree Plastics in February 2020 to be turned into a bench. The bench will be placed in the Pollinator Garden at MIS for students, parents, and faculty to enjoy.

One-use water bottles flood America’s waterways and landfills at a rate of 60 million per day. Reducing this number can be achieved with water filtration devices and using portable re-usable drinking bottles and cups.

Our annual national recycling rate is 34.5%

Glass can be recycled and re-manufactured an infinite amount of times and never wear out.

Recycling a stack of newspapers just three feet high saves one tree!

Your television can run for 3 hours from the energy saved by recycling one aluminum can.

Created By
Bridget Nash-Chrabascz