Henry Murphy multimedia sports production

this is the video i made about when the 2018 rams won the state title for class 4. i made the video by pulling differnt small clips and moving between them at a high speed to be able to show a lot of the school. i learned how to edit better as it made me have to use more clips then i ever had before. people seemed to like i, i thought it was coo.

this video was made on the district championship game against rockwood summit who we beat 35-14. i made this video by getting clips from hudl and also getting clips from Gateway sports venue. i learned how to pull videos from differnt sources in order to use them in my own video. this video got good feed back from peers.

this video was made about when the varsity boys soccer team played kirkwood in the regular season. i made this video by pulling differnt clips from this game, mostly the goals or shot attempts as soccer is a long game so you have to make sure to only keep the most important parts. challenges i had were finding the best parts as it was not out best preformence of the season. i got okay feedback from this video, not my best but not my worst.

this video is about the ladue sparkle effect in action. i made it by pulling different clips from events they preformed at. i learned how to make a video with more pictures included. it was hard to make it so interesting when there is a lot a of pictures. everyone seemed to enjoy this video and thought it was cool.

this video was about when we beat parkway central 42-0. i made it by pulling clips from the game and from the students . i learned how to make a highlight video during the season. the time i had to get it done in was the most difficult part. everyone seemed to like this video and how it captured the game.