How to Be the Best Business Owner Maclain todd

-"If you're aspect on a business is money you probably won't get far. It's more than that.

-" Honesty gets you a far way in business. It's to hard to trust a client that lies and lets you down all the time.

-"Always keep your cool on a job. Less you complain and more you work. Faster you'll get done."

-"Being good at multitasking can get you a long ways

-"If you want to be good and succeed in life, you gotta change yourself from bad habits and turn them into good."

-"Its not what you know, but who you know."

-"You gotta drive yourself everyday in order to be successful."

-"Experience is never wasted, and you always learn from it or use it."

-"If you wake up not wanting to work or hate your job, probably should look at something else."

-"It takes awhile for a customer to buy your business or labor. You have to take being turned down."

Set goals.

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