My Trips to Religious places!! Ashley Fuller - 3B

My church, Prestonwood Baptist Church. The Plano campus December 24th, 2015

My first blog of all of the religious sites I went to, is my own church Prestonwood. I love my church, and I come to Prestonwood every Sunday, and have many friends here. in my opinion, my favorite service here is the Christmas eve service on December 24. The whole church is decorated for Christmas and every family that comes gets a nativity scene. The nativity scene is a set of toys showing the birth of Jesus and how they where in a barn with lots of animals when Jesus was born. This holy place is a very large church that accommodates for every age group, for example there is a whole section of the church for little kids, teenagers, and elderly classes. They have all of this and then they also have just normal services, some in Spanish and the rest in English. The significance of this church is that is spreads the word of God through the bible and community fun activities.

Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem's Old City. December 24, 2015

I also went to The Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem's Old City where it is thought to be where Jesus's tomb was and where he got crucified. I flew all the way from Plano, TX to Jerusalem on December 24! This Church's architecture is magnificent. There are so many fancy items in there, like those marvelous chandeliers and the beautiful Romanesque architecture. This building is such a sacred site for Christians because it is where their God's one and only son was crucified and buried.

2 of the 16 temples in Varanasi, India

Because of Christmas, I decided to fly back home and visit family, so now I left on December 27, 2015 and flew all the way to Varanasi, India. I have now moved my way from Christianity to Hinduism! These temples are so beautiful, and Varanasi is considered one of the seven holiest sites considered for Hinduism. The architecture is just draw dropping with all the tiny details in all of the temples. These temples are important sacred sites because some people send their passed loved one's hundreds of miles just so that they can be burned there. It is thought that if you lay their ashes in the Ganges River, which runs through the side of Varanasi, then their departed soul would be benefited. If y'all haven't already made this cities one of the things you would want to do, then I would highly recommend coming here!

Mathura, Northern India

My next stop on my religious sacred sites is Mathura! Mathura is a city in India where it is thought or believe that this city is the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Every where you looked, there was some type of Hindi culture! The architecture for the buildings were jaw-dropping. The significance of the sacred temples are for people to come and worship their God's. They bring certain sacrifices everyday. Mathura represents the religion of living, whereas , another major holy site, emphasizes the permanence of death. Now on to my next religion, Buddhism!

Lumbini, Nepal

So far my journeys have been out of this world! I never knew all of these cultures and the depths of them all. This sacred site visit took place on December 29, 2015 and wow this trip was something else. Everywhere I went there were so many cultural markings and you could just see how the Buddhism culture has affected the whole town. This town, Lumbini, is supposedly the birthplace of the Lord Buddha. The architecture in all of the buildings are all different. some are flat and some look like castles. Lumbini, Nepal is a pilgrimage site near the border of India. The purpose of these sacred sites is to let people know where their God was born and how important he is to Buddhist by them recognizing him. Now onto my next sacred site of Buddhism!

Sarnath, India

OK! So my next pit stop is in Sarnath, India and it is considered to be the first place Buddha did his very first teaching! I came here on December 30, 2015 and loved the atmosphere. Everyone was so nice and in the temples there were monks. Evidently during Buddha's first teaching here, the 5 men in companion with him made fun of him and didn't believe who he had become. The architecture here is all about mainly statue's of Buddha and ruined temple's. These sacred sites here in Sarnath are for people remember their Lord Buddha and how he helped their religion continue and thrive.

The Great Mosque in Al-Ka' Ba

Now onto January 1st, 2016 where I begin the religion Islam! I flew to The Great Mosque where thousands upon thousand Muslims come and walk around this temple. In their religion it is highly recommended that every Muslim comes and visits The Great Mosque at least once in their lifetime. The is a sacred site where people come and worship and The mosque wraps around the holiest place, the Kaaba. Muslims face this shrine and pray.

The Madrasa

My 3rd to last religious pit stop is the Madrasa which is an Islamic school where they focus on the curriculum of the Qurʾān. This building is known fr its school and amazing architecture. the style of architecture is the Persian. The religious architecture is found throughout the school and on the buildings of it. This architecture gives a sense of place to the community because the majority of the community is Islam.


I have started my last religion to travel! Everything has been so much fun!! On January 3rd, 2106 I made my way all the way to Jerusalem, Israel! Israel is a sacred place because it has Jerusalem located in it where the very first original temple. Israel has very many places to visit that are considered holy places for Jews. The Judaism Religion recommends that everyone tries to visit Jerusalem at least once a year.

The Western Wall

Oh how sad it is to say that this is my last pit stop before I go back home to Frisco, TX. So in order to make my last journey great I went to the Western Wall in Jerusalem on January 5th, 2016. This wall used to be huge building however The Romans destroyed in 70 CE. This buildings used to be architecture plays a role through the community by being such a big piece of wall that everyone has noticed it and knows a little history behind it. Also it is a major travel destination for Jews to come, also the style of architecture is Herodian and the blocks of cement as the wall have cracks where Jews put their prayers through the cracks because they believe that the wall has ears.

Farewells: Oh how sad it is that my religion journey has come to an end however I have learned so many new things and feel like I have a better depth of the 5 largest religions in the world! I hope you all enjoyed my blog!! - Ashley


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