Welcome to Idaho The gem state

Lewis and Clark traveled in Idaho

About one third of the potatoes grown in the united states are from Idaho. Idaho is also plentiful with potato farms which makes potatos its state vegatable.

Craters of the Moon national monument is a site where 20,000 year old volcanic eruptions occurred leaving behind cinder cones, tree molds, craters, and other interesting things.

Electricity was created by nuclear energy for the first time near Idaho Falls, a city in Idaho.

The picture on the left is of silver. Idaho is known for its Silver and Garnet which gives it the nickname, the gem state.

Idaho became a state on July 3, 1890. Idaho's flag is on the right

The Idaho Giant Salamander is Idaho's state amphibian
Gutzon Borglum was born in Idaho and was the one who sculpted the four American presidents' heads onto Mount Rushmore.

The Haggerman's horse is Idaho's state fossil. It looks like a half zebra half wildabeast.

The potato is Idaho's state vegetable and the Monarch Butterfly is Idaho's state insect.

The third picture is Idaho's most popular city and capital, Boise.


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