Europa- Park The Second Best Theme Park in Europe


Europa- Park is located in the city of Rust, Germany, and spans across 230 acres of land. The theme park has 16 different lands and counting. The owners of Europa- Park are adding on more land, and more lands to there park.

Park History

Europa- Park in 1975

The founder of Europa- Park is know as Frans Mack,who got the idea to build his theme park after visiting an american theme park with his family. Mack started on construction for the park in 1972, but the park itself was not opened to the public until July 12, 1975. Due to the size of the park it took Mack three years to complete his now so famous park. From the moment the parks construction began to the present day the park cost a total of 700 million EUR, or 74,609,500 american dollars, with more construction underway.

Attractions & Rides

Euro- Park contains 13 big roller coasters, and 10 water coasters. The park also has 16 themed areas with multiple rides and other attractions. The different themed areas are the Enchanted Forest, Kingdom of the Invisible's, Ireland, Germany, Russia, Italy, France, Scandinavia, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Greece, England, Austria, and Iceland. The park also has magic cinema 4D movie and rides. Some of the rides in the park are Arthur-the Ride is an inverted, spinning, powered coaster, located in the Kingdom of the Invisible's. Euro-Mir is what is know as a spinning coaster, and is in the Russia themed part of the park. another jaw dropping coast is the Blue Fire, which is located in Iceland is 124 feet tall,and a launched coaster. Poseidon is 1 of 10 water coasters in the park, also Poseidon is located in the Greece section of the park. Anyone who comes to this park all hyped and ready to go would love the Silver Star for it is a Hyper Coaster, located in France. The Alpenexpress Enzian, witch is located in Austria, is one of the few Power Coasters of the park. Then there is the Schweizer Bobbahn is the parks only bobsleigh coaster, and it is located in Switzerland.

Arthur- The Ride, Euro-Mir, Blue Fire, Poseidon, Silver Star, Alpenexpress Enzian, Schweizer Bobbahn

Recent and Upcoming News

Part of the new Ireland theme

One of the major park changes in 2016 was that they built an entire Ireland themed area of the park, and made it mainly for the kids. this themed area of the park was opened on July 14. This year the owners of Europa- Park are developing land adjacent to park entrance. Also in the next year or two they are going to build a major hotel- water park just beyond the park. Another thing the owners plan to do is install what is know as a high speed ice rail link to make assess to the park easier. although we have no actual idea when they are going to this.

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