Good Life Nature Activity By Christian Collazo

I found the poison dart frog exhibit very interesting. While I have heard a lot about poison dart frogs I had never seen any in person. The exhibit taught me how something known to be so dangerous can appear so beautiful and unthreatening. I found the frog exhibit to be very enjoyable and informative.
The butterfly exhibit was a perfect example of mankind taking a piece of the elegance and beauty of nature and putting it on display. Walking through the garden was beautiful beyond belief as butterfly after butterfly fluttered in front of the path. The butterfly exhibit allowed me to forget about my daily issues and just enjoy a little piece of the elegance of nature. People come closer to the good life when they understand and appreciate their role in the beauty of nature.
The DNA exhibit allowed me to think a little about ethics and the beauty of keeping nature healthy and intact. In the DNA exhibit we see scientists trying to more fully understand nature. Humans can never truly understand the world around us if we slowly destroy it over time. Seeing nature in motion definitely instilled in me a need to protect nature.
The butterfly exhibit wall displayed all sorts of different butterflies I had never seen before.

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